I was very distraught to read in last week's Kennett Paper that the paper knowingly printed a letter from a reader using her maiden name, and then the following week publicly slapped her for it. This reader is very confused as to why the paper would decide one week to allow the use of a pseudonym and the following week to accuse the writer of dishonesty.In the interest of being completely honest, let me state that I have been a volunteer for the United Way of Southern Chester County for the past year and have been inspired by Director Carrie Freeman's example. She has opened my heart and helped me understand the difficulties of the people in our community. Before I worked with Ms. Freeman, I thought I understood the struggles facing non-English speaking community members, members who are deaf, children who are disabled and women who have been victimized by violence. Through working with the United Way and Director Carrie Freeman, I have learned to be less judgmental and more compassionate.

I hope in the future to see people of Ms. Freeman's caliber celebrated and applauded for their shining example, rather than trounced for their reluctance to use their title to add weight to their personal opinion.

Karen C. Myers

Pocopson Township

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