It was a very impressive opening for the Coatesville basketball team, winning the Tip-Off Tournament in Lancaster. The Raider offense scored over 150 points in the two games including 85 in the championship game over host McCaskey.The back-court combination of Gray and Brewer shot well from the outside and the inside pair, Slater and Reed dominated the boards. The Raiders also showed excellent depth as ten players scored in the win over McCaskey.

There's another serious test before Ches-Mont play opens tonight. (Thursday) against West Chester East at home. Coatesville visited always tough Reading Tuesday, a result now known. A win there would give the team much needed confidence and momentum heading into the league.

Regardless of the Reading outcome, I believe Coatesville fans can look forward to the season with an optimism we haven't seen for several years.

Today's football trivia: Who was the first winner of the Heisman Trophy? Answer below.

Forget about the impressive statistics of the other three quarterbacks: if I had a Heisman vote it would go to Tim Tebow of Florida. He's a winner. There's some question about his success on the next level, the NFL. So WHAT! The Heisman is for the outstanding player in college football, not the best pro prospect.

I feel about Tebow as I have always felt about the Wilt Chamberlain - Bill Russell comparison. Wilt had all the stats, Russell had all the championships - 14 to be exact: 2 NCAA, 1 Olympic and 11 NBA. That's why Bill Russell is the greatest basketball player in the history of the sport.

Kutztown University is off to a great start and is the favorite to win the Eastern Division of the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference. The Bears are led by two Ches-Mont graduates, David Ben of Coatesville and Steve Dennis of Henderson. Ben scored 24 in their most recent win and is on track to be the all-time leading scorer in Kutztown basketball history.

The Big Five in Philly is mis-named. It should be the Big One and the little four. Only Villanova is a quality team and the Wildcats aren't a super squad, just a very good one.

The other schools pay the price of having small facilities, being inner city schools plus the fact that high school basketball in this area has been in a down cycle for several years.

When there are a few good players, they're lured away by the glamour programs like Duke, North Carolina, Memphis and Kansas. These schools are constantly on television, have huge arenas, high profile coaches and the possibility of NBA careers. That is the ultimate goal of any basketball prospect.

The Pistons are a team in dis-array, they have no identity. What kind of squad are they? I still don't understand the Iverson deal. Do they think he's a point guard? No way.

He's a shooting guard as is Rip. Stuckey is the future as a point guard. Then there's wonder he isn't wanted by any NBA team: big bucks, bad attitude. I'm sorry for Rip's sake but the Pistons are a distant third behind the Celtics and Cavaliers - and that's in the East!

This happens at least once in every high school basketball season when I'm in the stands. A player is injured during the game and some "fan" sitting near me yells, "Look at that! An injured player and the coach is just sitting there!"

The coach is sitting there because he's NOT ALLOWED to go on the court; it's a technical foul if he does. When there's an injury, the official must check it out and if it's serious, he motions the coach to come onto the court. Without the official's permission, it's a technical. Remind someone the next time it happens, please.

Answer to today's trivia: In 1935, the first Heisman was won by Jay Berwanger of the University of Chicago, a school that no longer has football. He was drafted by the Eagles but chose not to play pro football. It wasn't big bucks back then.

Sports Quotes of the Week: Jay Leno: "The economy is so bad I saw Tiger Woods playing miniature golf and Charles Barkley playing nickel slots."

Bob Ryan of ESPN: "The judge gave Plaxico Burress two choices: 3 years in prison or play 3 seasons with the Detroit Lions."

P.S. I recently walked into an Old Navy store and it had been taken over by Somalia Pirates.

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