The owner of the Sixers and Flyers, Ed Snider, has announced that the Spectrum will be destroyed after the hockey and basketball seasons end. The arena has seen many great athletic achievements: two Stanley Cups for the Flyers, an NBA title for the Sixers, two Final Four wins for Indiana and probably the greatest college basketball game ever played, Duke's last second win over Kentucky, courtesy of Christian Laettner's miracle shot.However, did you know? The first high school basketball game ever played at the Spectrum was Coatesville vs. Henderson in February of 1969 for the Ches-Mont title. Henderson won, led by current Henderson Coach, Leon Bell.

Today's Olympic Trivia: Who is the only man to win two consecutive gold medals in the 100-meter dash? Answer below.

South Africa is making a serious human relations mistake by not placing Oscar Pastorius on their track squad. Pastorius is the double amputee who runs with prosthetic devices on both legs.

He didn't make the qualifying time in the 400 meters but could be listed as a relay alternate. He doesn't even have to compete, just be a member of the Olympic team, maybe carry the flag. What an incentive to physically challenged people throughout the world!!

Enough already with the Brett Favre mess! Regardless of what happens, a great image has been tarnished and both sides share the blame. The Packers should welcome him back as the starting quarterback or Brett should stay retired. I favor the latter.

I usually dislike all the hoopla and pageantry before the baseball All-Star Game but this year..I loved it! It was a thrill to see all the Hall of Famers, especially the man who hit the most important home run in basebasll history..Bill Mazeroski. Sorry, my old Pittsburgh bias is showing.

If the old-timers played a game today, I believe Bob Gibson would still dust off Willie Mays. Where was Sandy Koufax?

Phillies Phile: The bottom third of the batting order has to start hitting. After Burrell, there's a lot of automatic outs..Rollins swings at too many first pitches..Send Condrey to Allentown and bring up Happ; Seanez to Reading & move up Carrasco..One Phillie regular is hitting over.280, Utley..Werth is getting worse..the maple bats have to go.

Who would have believed that the sport of women's golf would be dominated by South Koreans? In the recent U.S. Open, of the 74 entrants, 24 were from South Korea, and one was the winner.

A member of the men's tour was asked if he followed the LPGA and he answered, "No, there are too many Kims and Parks. It's too confusing." This might be considered a racist remark except the male golfer was K. J. Choi, also from South Korea.

Answer to today's trivia: Carl Lewis won the 100 meters in 1984 and was awarded first place in 1988 when Canada's Ben Johnson was stripped of his gold medal for doping violations.

Sports Quotes of the Week: Now that there seems to be physical evidence that Roger Clemens received shipments of illegal drugs, Ray Ratto of ESPN, was asked if things could get any worse for Clemens. He replied, "Well, he could burn down an orphanage."

Jay Leno: "Bad news out of New York City. A-Rod was thrown out at home!"

P.S. That cycling race going on in Europe should be re-named the Tour de Farce.

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