The Chester County Health Department is offering flu shots on Friday, Sept. 7, at the Oxford Senior Center. Citizens 65 and older are at increased risk of developing serious illness, complications and death if flu is contracted. A person's immuity declines in the fear following, therefore everyone needs a flu shot annuall

The vaccine is free only to clients with Medicare Part B. The cost is $25 for all others, including those with insurance such as Keystone 65, Aetna, US Healthcare or any HMO. Clients are asked to present lll insurance cards to the staff on Sept. 7. Cash or check payable to CCHD is acceptable.

The nurse will not be able to immunize anyone allergic to eggs, latex, gelatin or thimersal and anyne with an adverse reaction to a prior immunization. Appointments start at 9 a.m. Please call 610-932-5244.

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