West Chester University Feature Twirlers, Tammy Russell, Holly Russell and Laurie Harvey have enjoyed a wonderful and successful year if twirling together as the Incomparable Golden Rams Feature Twirlers. The twirlers were honored at a luncheon held in their honor for accomplishing and promoting West Chester University and the sport of baton twirling.In attendance at the luncheon was the President of the College, Madeline Wing Adler, dignitaries and deans of the university and their families. The twirlers were commended for their performances on and off the field. All three twirlers are back together for another year of competing and twirling together.

The twirlers are the reigning 2007 Intercollegiate Twirling Champions, World Dance Twirl Champions and Collegiate Classic Champions. The West Chester University Twirlers are taught by Elaine Russell, whom is also the director of the Russell's All Star Twirlers. The WCU twirlers are team members and staff members of the All Star Twirling Studio.

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