Students at East Ward Elementary School participated in a penny collection under the direction of English as a Second Language teacher Elizabeth Kurtz.The penny collection is part of a project that Kurtz's students will partake in after the reading of "For Every Child, a Better World, as Narrated by Kermit the Frog." This book is read to Kurtz's students every year, according to Downingtown Area School District spokeswoman Pat McGlone.

Following the reading, this year's students created a bulletin board about the book which was displayed in the cafeteria/gym wing, according to McGlone.

"So many staff members and parents commented on the bulletin board that Ms. Kurtz and her students decided that they too wanted to 'make a better world,'" McGlone said in a news release. "Together, they came up with the penny collection campaign."

The ESL students were polled on their top five choices on who should receive a portion of the money which included a goat, mosquito nets, fortified milk, immunization medicine and an emergency school-in-a-kit, according to McGlone.

"After researching various charities, the students decided to donate the money to UNICEF, Oxfam & Heifer International and Kids2Kids," McGlone said.

"For Every Child, a Better World" by Jim Henson was produced by the Muppet Press in cooperation with the United Nations.

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