Elk Supervisors and gun club reach agreement

Courtesy photo Elk Township and the gun club are working together to offer emergency shelter. From left are Brandon Chadwick, Oxford Gun Club; Leslie Damron, Oxford Gun Club Secretary; Estace Walters, Elk Township Supervisors Vice-Chair; Steve Roberts, Elk Township Emergency Management Coordinator; and Hank Henry, Oxford Gun Club President.

ELK -- The Oxford Gun Club and the Elk Township Supervisors approved an agreement that the township may use the Gun Club facility if the township building becomes uninhabitable or inadequate during an emergency.

The township has an emergency operations plan, and that plan includes making arrangements to be able to continue the functions of local government even if the township building is uninhabitable or inadequate.

The Gun Club is at the far end of the township from the township building, so it is unlikely that a single event would make both locations uninhabitable.

Estace Walters, vice-chairman of the Elk Township Supervisors said 'We want to be prepared for emergencies, and the cooperation of the Oxford Gun Club strengthens our Plan.'

Hank Henry, the president of the Oxford Gun Club said 'We are committed to being good neighbors, and are glad that we can support the Elk Township Supervisors.'

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