East Marlborough to crack down on speeders traveling on Route 82

FRAN MAYE - DIGITAL FIRST MEDIAMotorists' speed along Route 82 in Unionville is being checked with radar.

EAST MARLBOROUGH >> Supervisors voted Monday night to buy another radar speed sign to help rein in speeding drivers going through the village of Unionville on Route 82.

Supervisor John Sarro told the other board members at their regular monthly meeting that the safety committee recommended getting another of the signs, which tell drivers their current speed, to supplement the two it already has.

Having the signs “definitely helped slow down traffic,” Sarro said. Motorist speed in the Unionville area has been a perennial cause for concern, with schools, businesses, homes, a park, and playing fields next to Route 82 and pedestrians frequently walking across it.

Sarro said it would make sense to supplement the two signs, which are solar-powered, with a battery-operated one that would work better in shady areas such as the hill going north out of Unionville, where he said drivers tend to speed up.

Another possible location for the sign would be on Route 82 south of Unionville near the Kennett Square Golf & Country Club, between East and West Locust Lane, Sarro said.

The supervisors also approved a request by Longwood Gardens to have fireworks displays the evenings of May 28, July 2, July 22, August 12, September 2 and September 16. The displays would begin around 9:15 p.m. except for the September ones, which would begin around 8:15.

In response to an audience question, a representative from Longwood said there would be less noise from the fireworks than in previous years, because the renovated fountains would be the main focus of the events, with less emphasis on the fireworks aspect. He also said the renovation put in place a new sound system that would better limit the sound of recorded music to the garden grounds and reduce what neighbors would hear.

The supervisors also approved Walmart’s yearly request to have an outdoor garden center during the growing season. A store representative said the outdoor market makes it possible to offer a greater variety and makes it easier for customers to load bulky items like bags of much into their vehicles.

Most of the supervisors thought the request was not a problem. “You do a really nice job with it,” Eddie Caudill said, and Sarro agreed with him.

But Supervisor Robert Weer renewed his perennial objection to the outdoor garden, saying he felt it went beyond the terms of the original conditional-use order that allowed the Walmart to expand.The Walmart manager said the store was simply trying to provide a service its customers wanted.

In the end, the supervisors voted 4–1 to approve the outdoor garden center, with Weer voting against.

The supervisors discussed a situation in which a specimen tree, that is, a tree considered to have more than average value, was removed without township approval from the Walnut Walk development west of Walnut Road. A representative of Bentley Homes said a contractor removed the tree without realizing permission had not been obtained.

Caudill said the tree had been in poor condition, and in the end the supervisors agreed that the developer should provide seven new trees according to the set formula for replacement when specimen trees were removed. They said the tract was relatively well wooded and some of the trees might be planted in Anson B. Nixon Park.

Chris McDougall was appointed by the supervisors to be a member of the township historic commission. The supervisors also approved a land development agreement for a car wash at the intersection of Onix Drive and Schoolhouse Road.

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