Downingtown Borough Council directed the borough manager to once again look for a full-time code-enforcement officer.

"We need a good foot soldier. We need somebody on the street," said Councilman Anthony "Chip" Gazzerro.

"Right now, we don't have anyone going out there driving up and down the alleys. There's violations. There's alleys with mattresses in them. There's garbage. There's just stuff that needs to be routinely patrolled."

Borough Manager Stephen Sullins brought up the issue at Wednesday's council meeting.

About six months ago, he advertised for a full-time code-enforcement officer with all the certifications and qualifications, Sullins thought, however, the few individuals who responded would cost the borough too much.

Residents appear before council to complain about trash or the borough not enforcing its ordinances on a fairly regular basis.

One resident, Joseph Cipollini Jr., is a fixture at council meetings, complaining about commercial operators in his neighborhood who don't follow regulations regarding trash bins and trash collection.

But all members of council were anxious to do something about the problem.

Tom Yuhas is the borough's current code-enforcement officer and engineer, but he is an employee of Burish Associates.

There are two part-time employees in the borough's codes department who do apartment-rental inspections, as well as other things.

Councilman Jamie Bruton suggested that getting a codes officer would cost less if the borough partnered with the neighboring townships.

"I think it would be much better to share the cost of someone who is fully qualified than to settle for second-best," said Bruton.

"But do we want to pay a top guy to go out looking for trash, refrigerators and that kind of stuff?" asked Councilman Tom Roderer.

Sullins settled it by saying that he would look for "a lesser guy who can be checked on by the professionals, who can interact with the public and do all the nuisance calls."

"The sooner the better," said Cipollini, who was sitting in the audience last week.

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