Mike McGann

Mike McGann

POCOPSON—Mike McGann formally announced he would withdraw from the race for Chester County Register of Wills/Clerk of the Orphans Court, today. He announced his support for former Phoenixville Board of Education President Lisa Longo.

“In the end, it became evident that there was a better candidate — one more dedicated to making the race competitive — and it made sense to step aside,” McGann said.

McGann said he felt Longo was a superior candidate and would make Chester County’s Democrats proud.

“I ask all of my friends to support Lisa Longo for Register of Wills,” McGann said. “Lisa is a force of nature — a leader with proven record of fighting for our kids as President of the Phoenixville Board of Education. She has worked tirelessly — and very effectively — to help elect Democrats across Chester County for a number of years. She has the fire, the passion and determination to help lead a winning ticket for Democrats in 2019 — having someone like Lisa on the ballot gives me great comfort and confidence to step aside knowing we will have a very strong candidate to run.”

As for his own future — he currently owns and operates The Times of Chester County, a community news submission site – McGann said he hopes to find another way to help those in need in Chester County, outside of politics.

“I do not expect to disappear, but will not likely stay in the political realm,” he said. “I have a strong desire to give back, to work on behalf of the community — I’m hopeful in finding a role at a non-profit, where I can advocate and actually help those without a voice.”

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