Crafting digital marketing that gets results: Answers to questions from local decision makers


Second in a series of articles by AdTaxi Networks experts who will be participating in this year’s Philly Tech Week 2016.

Philly Tech Week is Philly’s sixth annual week-long celebration of technology and innovation April 29 - May 7. Questions from local small business owners and decision makers will be answered each week by an AdTaxi Networks specialist. This week’s answers are from Chris Burkey, senior manager of digital operations.

Q. Any time I am placing ads in any media I struggle with what information I should have in the ads. I am planning on doing some display ads online, what should/shouldn’t be in them? Any tips on creative?

A. The average person encounters thousands of banner ads on a monthly basis. You want to make sure that your message stands out in the crowd. A short, clear message trumps information every time. Leave the potential consumer wanting more. Bold text and colors are a must.

Q. I have some digital advertising with the company that used to handle my yellow page ads. They provide me these reports that show numbers that don’t mean much to me. They claim it is working well but I don’t see it in my cash register. What can I do to sort through this?

A. My first question to ask you would be how do you plan to measure your digital success? If e-commerce is not involved you will not have a 1 to 1 correlation between advertising dollars and product sold. We would have to navigate the advertising data by looking at the metrics that matter, number of website sessions, pages viewed and time on page. When someone spends time looking at multiple pages that shows interest in the products and service you offer. Call tracking would also help paint a picture, many potential consumers will reach out via phone to ask questions or schedule an appointment. If e-commerce is available I would suggest utilizing a small line of code called a pixel to track the sale which we will be able to track back to our campaign.

Chris Burkey is a seasoned digital professional with more than 10 years of experience in various aspects the profession. Chris brings to the table a unique blend of talents. He combines his advanced graphic arts background with a deep understanding of complex web analytics and sophisticated digital strategy. Chris is Google Analytics certified and has had experience in managing all aspects of execution across virtually every digital platform in use today.

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