The winner of the Chester County "One Vote Counts" poster contest is a Coatesville Area School District student.Timothy Mather, a fourth grade student at Caln Elementary School, represented the CASD in the county-wide contest and the county selected his poster as the best submitted.

Mather's poster reads, "One vote counts. Everyone has a voice." His painting has four hands-one holding a ballot and two others holding American flags.

The event is sponsored by state representatives. Mather, his parents and teacher Kathleen Nadelstumph were invited to Harrisburg for a tour of the Capitol and a luncheon, where he participated in a commercial intended to heighten voter awareness among young people.

Nadelstumph said state Rep. Chris Ross, R-158th, of East Marlborough appeared in the commercial with the children.

"Ross filmed a commercial with each winner about the importance of voting. Then he took us down to the floor where he works and to his office and told us lots of stories about his job", Nadelstumph said.

Mather's poster was on display at the Chester County Government Services Center until Pennsylvania's primary election on April 22.

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