Megan Carson - Grade 1By Jack Hertzler

I love summer! I can go to the beach. I love the beach! It is cool!

By Sara Hollinger

My favorite animals are cats and kittens because they are soft end cute.

By Jessica Richardson

I was invited to my nan's house. My cousins were there. It was very fun. I played and played and played. I loved that!

By Jenna Fisher

I am happy when I am with my mommy because I love her.

By Patrick Petershiem

I love winter! I like to drink hot chocolate and go sledding. I like to play snowball fights. I like to make a snow angel and dig a hole in the snow.

Sylvia Montani - Grade 2

Singing By Destiny Marsh I am good at singing. Singing is my thing! I sing to my mommy. She listens to me. She does not say a word. I sing to my daddy. He likes it. He listens to me. He likes when I sing.

I was dreaming one night that I was standing on a stage. I did not say anything. I started to sing a little bit, then I started to sing a lot louder and even louder. I sang so LOUD!!!! I did not know HOW loud I was singing! I woke up the next morning and remembered my dream!

My Sixth Birthday Party!

By Brooklynn Stauffer It's my birthday. I'm turning six. I got one early birthday present. It's a water slide! Yeah! We are going on the water slide. There is a rock wall to climb up. I broke my arm on my four-wheeler so I have to wear a bag over it. We are going down the water slide. There are two paths to go down.

Soon my mom said, "Present time." I got seventy-five dollars from the party. Then we all got dried off and put our clothes on.

Now it's time for cake! Everyone sings happy birthday. Then I blow out the candles. I wished Kasey and me were sisters. Not it's time for everyone to go home. "Bye!" my parents said to my friends' parents.

A Rainy Day By Aleksa Burger On a very rainy day, we were bored, so I asked if we could go outside. Mom said yes! So we went outside. All of us yelled, "Yes!" We did flips and we were so happy! Then we went and sat on the driveway and we put our thumbs up when the cars passed by. And someone put their thumbs up!

Then we ran through the puddles back and forth. And we did flips. It was slippery. We ran around the house. It was awesome! We stuck our tongues out! We had the best time ever. I washed my face with the rain. We went inside and had hot chocolate. We rested for a little while. It was fun!

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