Providence ElementarySindgen By Aubrey Sheets Chapter 1 Sindgen is a golden retriever. He is the best dog ever. He is very fluffy. I would sleep with him when I was a baby. He is 15 years old. The other dog that lives with him is Moe. He's a different story.

Moe is a German Shepherd mixed with a chocolate lab. He is two. He has a long tail. Moe is not trained. He is playful. Moe gets on the trampoline. I laugh. If you run and you are near a creek, Moe will chase you. Chances are, you will fall into the creek.

We all think they are the nest dogs in the world. They are! We like to play with them. I ride a four-wheeler. Both of them chase me. I play ball with them. They end up making the ball go under the electrical fence.

Matt Reiprich - Grade 2

The Demolition Derby By Ernest Berry We were going to a demolition derby. On the way r felt good because I thought it was going to be good. When we got there, they had already started. Number 20 hit number 27 and number 27 was stuck on the wall. Then number 27 could not get off the wall. Number 20 backed up and number 35 would not start. Number 20 won! Finally the demolition was done and number 20 was going up the hill. I felt good! That was the car that I was routing for.

Clean! Clean! Clean!

By Connor McFalls My room was a mess. My mom said, "Clean up your room!" First I swabbed my keyboard. Then I dusted my computer. After that I helped my Morn with the laundry. It was gross! I had to wash my bed sheets too. Then I made my bed. After that I had to clean up my sister's room. I had to dust my Wii. Finally I was done. It was hard work. Morn Said, "Good job Connor."

The Big Hit By Brianna Kolb One day my Dad and me were playing baseball. First I hit the ball over my house. My Dad said, "WOW!" Next my Morn came out and sat down in the long grass. Then my Morn got a blanket. We all laid on it. We finally went in my house and ate supper. I told my Morn I hit the ball over the house. She said, "You're good at baseball." I thought I was good too. I'm good at baseball!

A New Friend By Kaitlyn McMahon When I carne into the classroom I saw Kayla. It was her first day of school. Then I showed her where the bathroom is. Then I told her where the sit and then I was nice to her. Next, I thought we will be friends forever. At last it was time to go home and I felt happy because I met a new friend.

Cindy Burkhart-grade 3

By Haley Davis

My favorite outdoor place is in the woods on a trail. I would ride a horse named Breezy. I could ride it in the woods. First, I'd be sure foxes or bears or any dangerous animals aren't in proximity to me. Breezy will get spooked or s cared if she hears any scary noises. Breezy is a pinto, she can run fast just like a thoroughbred (a race horse). There are also birds that will make music that will sound very peaceful. In the woods on a trail is my favorite place.

By William Lehman

In my backyard is my tree swing. The tree swing is my favorite place to be. I'm always thinking of new tricks for it. Sometimes after school I play with it. My favorite place to be is my tree swing.

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