Our Gifts to the World

After listening to several holiday stories including Angel Pig and the Hidden Christmas and A Wish to be a Christmas Tree, the students in Mrs. Godfrey's fifth grade class reflected on gift giving. The stories challenged them to think about non-material gifts they have to offer the world. Enjoy the gifts these students have to share...

My gift to the world is hope. Instead of thinking about bad things, I want people to be happy and have hope for a better world. I hope that there is no more hurting, suffering, or poor people. I hope for everyone to be treated with respect. That's why I'm giving the world my HOPE!

By Tyler

My gift to the world is friendship. When I give people my friendship, I'm willing to stand up for my friends and help them through their problems. When they are feeling blue, I am there if they need me. Everyone would like to have at least one friend, and I'm happy to be one!

By Sophie Depuy

My gift to the world is sharing. I share love with my family and friends. It is very important to share what you have. Sharing is my special gift.

By Elvis

The gift I have to give the world is friendship. When I am with my friends, I encourage them to do their best. My gift is friendship because if you have friendship, the world will be a nicer place.

By Luis Flores Montera

I have a gift to offer... it is fun. I can give it to people at school or at home. I can give this gift almost anywhere! I make things fun by creating games, being silly, and by making people laugh. That is how I give the gift of fun.

By Brandon Marx

I would like to give friendship to the world. I am a good friend. I don't fight with people, and I would like people to stop fighting with each other. Friendship is the key.

By Manuel

The gift that I would like to give the world is information about UNICEF. By doing this, I would help people who are poor in America and around the world. Some poor people don't have shelter, but by giving money to UNICEF, they will get a home. This is my gift to the world.

By Shakti

I think pictures are great, so I would like to share mine with the world. Every year I make my mom a picture for her birthday. When I grow up, I want to be an artist and share my love of drawing with the world.

By Bianca

My gift is cooking. Every Sunday morning I cook breakfast for my family. Occasionally, I cook dinner for them, too. I cook fish, chicken, burgers, homemade pizza, and even more delicious things. Cooking is my special gift.

By Parker Leto

The gift I have to give is friendship. I make friends easily, even though it didn't always seem that way. All I had to do was think of how easy it was to make friends with Sophie and Laura. Now I have tons of friends. That's my gift to use in this world.

By Tiera

Something I have to offer the world is caring for others. If someone cares for you, you should care for him or her. The more you care for the world, the more the world will care for you. So, caring is the gift I have to give to the world.

By Juan

The gift I have to offer the world is friendship because everyone should have a friend. I do this by doing good deeds for families in need. I call everyone a friend, just like everyone calls me a friend. I like to care for others and be a friend.

By Evan Brown

My gift to share with the world is my ability to make things. I like to make pictures and crafts. The crafts I make, give people ideas. I inspire them. My gift makes the world more colorful and happier.

By Eric Rodiguez Ramirez

The gift I have to offer the world is kindness. If there were no kindness in the world, there would be no friends. If there were no friends, there would be nobody to support you. How could you live a good life with no support? That is why I am kind and give others support.

By Julia Buckner

My gift to the world is friendship. Nothing makes me happier than sitting by a fire drinking hot cocoa with a friend, while watching it snow. One of my favorite things to do is talk with my friends. Friendship is very important to me.

By Laura Cammarata

The great gift I have to offer the world is my paintings. I love to paint for people. I always find something beautiful to paint because there are so many beautiful things in the world. Painting is the wonderful gift I have for the world.

By Lola Riddle

The gift that I would give the world is friendship. I picked friendship because I think we should all get along. If we did, this world would be a better place. Friendship is the perfect gift!

By Zachary Burton

The gift I give to the world is cooking. At home, I cook all the time. I help my mom cook dinner. One time, my mom let me cook a cake all by myself, she said it was the best cake she had ever had. Now I cook all kinds of things like smoothies, pancakes, and even spaghetti. Cooking is gift!

By Jillian Fornoff

My gift to the world is friendship. Friendship can come in hand when you move to a new school. Friends are very important because they help you. They can play games with you and give you someone to talk to. Friendship is such an important gift.

By Anthony Perpetua

The gift I have to offer the world is friendship. When my friends and I get together, I usually go with the flow. My friends and I always have fun together. Friendship is a gift to the world because everyone needs a friend.

By Kaitlyn McDonald

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