A new adventure book is about to hit local stores, as Christiana-area resident Sheryl Malinics awaits the debut of her first novel, due out March 14.

"Hopefully it'll be first in a series," she said of her novel, "Beginnings: Adventures in Extreme Grace."

And, in fact she has four of the books done, which are stored on her computer.

"They're hoping it'll be a series," Malinics said of the publishing company, Tate Publishing, "but, of course, they want to see if the first one sells."

"Beginnings" is about a group of teenagers who live in the public eye as a result of their parents being famous or semi-famous people. "It's about their adventures or, maybe I should say, 'misadventures,'" said Malinics.

"They're just trying to be normal while living in the spotlight," she added.

Malinics said her book is not based on any famous offspring of famous people, but rather it's loosely based on her adventures as a teenager - and she credits her upbringing in Japan with fine-tuning her imagination.

Living on a Japanese military base, there was no television and only one radio, which played songs catered to the adults. So she turned to her imagination.

She's lived in the Octorara area for 10 years, having previously lived in Harrisburg. She recently moved to Upper Valley Road outside of Christiana Borough after living in Parkesburg. She said her two sons, whom she home-schools, needed more room to run around than Parkesburg could offer.

Malinics said she first started working on her novel 20 years ago. It was kept away in the computer's memory bank. "I didn't really intend to publish it," she said. "It was just a hobby."

However, the babysitting gig she had for nine years wrapped up when the youngest child went to school, and she was looking for another form of income. So, she sent "Beginnings" to Tate Publishing for their review.

"I never dreamed they would accept it," she said.

Malinics said she found Tate Publishing on the Internet. "They're one of the few who accept first-time authors," she said.

However, what, or who, really spurred Malinics to submit her manuscript was a group of women she became a part of as a result of her children briefly attending the cyber school, Einstein. "They encouraged me to have it published," she said.

And, in fact, all 24 women are mentioned by first name in Malinic's acknowledgement page.

"I already have four and a half done to my satisfaction," added Malinics, "on the computer... we'll just waiting to see if the first one sells."

While "Beginnings: Adventures in Extreme Grace" is officially scheduled to be released Tuesday, March 14, interested people can go online to any bookstore or Amazon.com and order the book.

Malinics said she also hopes to have a book signing at Moores Memorial Library in Christiana after the book has been published.

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