Dr. Paul Gottleib is requesting the West Brandywine Board of Supervisors to make changes to his conditional use order allowing additional parking spaces for his chiropractic office. Gottleib's home occupancy business is located on Route 322 just past Little Washington and Springton Road intersection.In 2002, Gottleib came before the board of supervisors requesting a zoning change for the home to move to a commercial zoning from residential. As part of the township's overall plan for the area called a comprehensive plan, they had placed a portion of the property into a rural mixed use area that permits both uses. However, a portion of the property remained residential.

The board's desire, according to the plan, was to avoid a consecutive strip-mall look in the Route 322 area. The board wanted to allow some commercial activity in the Route 322 area, but to maintain the look of a residential neighborhood. At the time, the board felt it would be in Gottleib's best interest to go the home occupation route and avoid the zoning change. This would allow Gottleib to keep his practice and to avoid the stringent restrictions available including proving his case would not be a self-imposed hardship.

A home occupation allows low-impact commercial business within a residence provided it would not be a neighborhood eyesore and with limitations so it would not have an adverse impact including noise and traffic on its neighbors.

Gottleib testified at the time he would be working at the office and he had estimated seeing 4 patients an hour. He estimated having two other employees requiring eight parking spaces. At Monday's conditional use reopening of the hearing, Supervisor Josef Obernier asked Gottleib what had changed in the circumstances he needed the additional parking. Gottleib said he had more additional overlapping patients than was previously suspected. Obernier wanted to know if Gottleib had an additional doctor on the premise. Gottleib said there was only one doctor working at the facility and it was not Gottleib. When township solicitor John Good reminded Gottleib he had testified at the he would be the physician working at the Route 322 office, he stated it was never his intention to work at that office. Gottleib presented pictures showing his office parking spaces full. Both codes officer Dale Barnhart and township manager Ron Rambo stated they had driven by numerous times to see the overflow parking. Both stated they had never seen any at any time. Both said they had gone out of their way to find stacked parking and was never able to verify the situation since the applicant had petitioned for the changes.

The completed testimony was given for both sides. The township closed the record and would give a response to the applicant's request within the required legal limit of 30 days.

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