Chicks arrive at Oxford Feed and Lumber

The chicks have arrived at Oxford Feed and Lumber a sure sign that spring can’t be far behind. Shown here is the publicity sign that the store is displaying.

OXFORD >> It’s a sure sign of spring when the chicks arrive at Oxford Feed and Lumber, and last week, they arrived.

Several heated bins greet customers when they come in, each bin holding a different breed of chicken.

The little ones stick close together, hop around and give out gentle “Peep, peep, peep” that can be heard throughout the store.

Erin Brown, who works at the store said more chicks are coming in every week, and at least one load will be baby ducks.

The breeds that have been chosen for sale, Brown said, are believed to be docile.

They are variegated, and the pure yellow ones have yet to arrive.

Brown said the store prefers to sell the chicks in lots of at least four, because they are flock birds and get lonely without friends.

She added that all of the chicks for sale are females, which means that anyone who buys them can expect to get eggs in the future.

The store will have the chicks through Easter.

Oxford Feed and Lumber is on Market Street, just east of the center of the borough.

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