I am the parent of an Avon Grove cheerleader. My daughter is a senior and has been on the squad for three years. This was the second year in a row that the Avon Grove varsity cheerleading team qualified to compete in the UCA National High School Cheerleading competition. I was thrilled to see that the Avon Grove Sun wrote an article in the March 27, 2008 issue about the competition that took place in Orlando, Fla. in early February. And yet I was thoroughly disappointed with the placement of the article on page 8. The cheerleaders set a school record and competed and placed on a national level. But the article was insignificant compared to the larger article letting us know that the boy's lacrosse team is "shooting for state playoffs." I am writing this note to let the community know that cheerleading needs to be taken more seriously as a sport. These girls are athletes and deserve the same recognition, respect and support that any other high school team receives.

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