Leading up to their commencement addresses, both valedictorian Jennifer Reardon and commencement speaker Timothy Twyman were nervous about speaking in front of their class, family, and friends.

"You would not believe what I have been through while trying to prepare this speech," Twyman said. "Two weeks ago, someone stole my commencement speech which was in a manila folder with all of the past commencement speeches from other graduating classes."

"I scrambled around all day looking for my speech. No one had seen it. So I came to the conclusion that it was fate or karma or whatever and I just gave up. Yes, yes I know, I'm not showing Coatesville spirit by just giving up like; but face it, maybe it really was meant to be."

"So, I've been meaning to ask you guys, why did you pick me?"

Twyman went on to say that it was hard to believe that he could stand up in front of everyone and deliver a captivating, motivating and reminiscent speech about the class.

As Reardon delivered her speech, she spoke of the most difficult part.

"Perhaps the most difficult aspect of this speech (other than standing here in front of thousands of people and preceding one of the funniest people in our school, Tim Twyman) was finding something inspirational to say," said Reardon. "Never settle for less than your best. Always give 110 percent, no matter what the task. Of course there will be obstacles in life, but hard work, determination, and perseverance always pay off."

Reardon then sited one of numerous baseball references.

"Just look at Phillies center fielder Aaron Rowand. Not only does he practice hard, but he plays hard as well. By crashing face-first during a recent game, he made a game-saving catch, leading his team to a much-needed win. His hard work has won his the respect and admiration of teammates, opposing players, and fans, and has allowed him to succeed in his chosen career," said Reardon. "By always applying the basic principle of hard work, we can all succeed as well."

Twyman spoke of how his, as well as many of his classmates parents probably wanted to strangle them and never let go, but they didn't.

"And do you know why?" Tywman asked. "One word, potential. They recognize the potential that we possess. They know more about us than we know ourselves. I mean I can't count the number of times I have heard; Time, you have the potential to be an incredible human being."

As Twyman and Reardon each shared their words, echoes of agreement could be heard throughout the gymnasium. As they exited the stage, the crowd stood and applauded their efforts, and the efforts of their 600 fellow graduates, as well.

"Remember classmates, never be afraid to use that potential that we all possess," said Twyman. "In conclusion, I proudly state: The world WILL remember the graduating class of 2006. The world is your and everything in it, it's out there, git on ya grind and git it."

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