The hot temperatures may have attracted smaller crowds than last year, but Jeff Roland is not complaining.

'It was hot, and then we had lightning on Saturday night, so they closed the rides down an hour early,' the Demon Lights committee chairman said of the second annual fundraising event. 'Once they shut the rides down, that's it. But, it is what it is.'

Despite uncooperative weather, Roland said that the goal of having all the funds in place to bring lights to the Kennett High School stadium by year's end is still on track.

Roland said the four-day carnival brought in roughly $10,000 for the lights fund, which is about what they earned at the inaugural event last year.

In fact, Roland is already planning for next year's event, with the goal of eventually handing the reins over to the KSH booster clubs.

'I think most schools have the 'pay-to-play' rule, so that's part of what they will do with those funds,' Roland said. 'They can raise money for kids that can't afford the fees or for equipment or whatever.'

Roland said that the high school's lower parking lot filled up quickly on Friday night – a first for the event held on the grounds of the high school.

'It's usually a lot of walk-in traffic,' Roland said. 'We didn't quite expect that.'

They also should hit their goal for the event, despite sweltering temperatures all week and lightning storms on Saturday night that shut down the rides an hour earlier.

There were still well over a thousand people on Friday night, Roland said, and hundreds more walking in and out throughout the week.

Anyone with tickets still in hand, however (paper tickets, not wristbands) can still redeem them at the Cochranville Fireman's Carnival next week, Roland said.

'That's also Houghton who runs that, so they'll take them for rides,' Roland said.

Although the dollar amounts have been agreeable, Roland is still hesitant to say when the lights will actually be scheduled for installation.

'We're on track, but that's a story for another day,' he said.

Roland said that if their current pledges meet goals, however, 2014 is looking like the time.

'It's certainly been a long time coming.' He said.

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