Blink. Another year has come to a close, and the doors of a new one have opened. I hope this holiday season has been a joyous one for you and yours. For me, being able to experience this time of year alongside my wide-eyed 21-month-old daughter has been simply wonderful and I anticipate this enjoyment will continue throughout the upcoming years.So, here comes the big question, what have you resolved to do in 2008?

My two cents, as expected, would be to improve on your ways of caring for your health.

Semantically speaking, our healthcare system is essentially a sick-care system, meaning you don't go to a doctor unless you are sick or symptomatic. Well, if you haven't already done so, perhaps this year should be the year when you begin to put together a team of health care providers; the people who you see on a regular basis who can help you improve your state of overall health and well being.

Foremost, if you are currently dealing with a symptom, sickness, condition, or disease, and have not seen a professional yet, get on the phone now and make the necessary appointments to get on the road to a diagnosis, recovery and/or stability. Symptoms are the body's way of telling our conscious brain that something is going on.

I'll assume most of you have a primary medical doctor. Medical doctors are primarily trained in the diagnosis and treatment of sickness and disease. Conventionally, their education leads them to four treatment options for a specific medical diagnosis: no treatment, medication, therapy, or surgery. If you have a specific medical condition, be sure to consult or follow up with your medical doctor.

I am a chiropractor, and yes, I do believe medical doctors exist, and no, I do not hate them. However, in the context of this article, going to your primary MD's office two to thre times per week is probably not going to be part of most people's prevention and wellness plan.

I often hear the phrase, "Hey, I'm into prevention. I get my physical exams every year."

Subsequently, I follow up with the question, "What are you doing in the time between your physicals to prevent something from showing up during them?"

Undoubtedly, physical exams, blood work, mammograms, etc. are important for early detection, but if you are not actively living a healthy lifestyle, all you are essentially doing is waiting for the time when something comes back positive. That is not true prevention.

In 2008 look into building a team of doctors, family members, and friends that will assist you in caring for your health. Consider all aspects of "you", the physical, mental, chemical, and spiritual. Begin by analyzing your current state and working on your weakest aspects. For example, if it is the physical aspect, find a workout partner or hire a personal trainer.

The healthiest people I know aren't that way because they take the most medications or have had the most surgeries. The healthiest people I know are the ones who actively incorporate, on a consistent basis, nutritional understanding, physical fitness, rest and relaxation, positive mental attitude, spirituality, and balanced spinal posture. Happy New Year.

? Dr. Jim Cesca is a practicing chiropractor in Chadds Ford Township. Previous articles by Dr. Cesca can be found at Questions and comments can be emailed to

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