Every year, Caln Elementary School, Coatesville Area School District, has a parent breakfast. The students of Caln invite their family or friends to a breakfast during American Education Week so the parents can see the school, mingle with the faculty who help to serve, and share in the importance of education at Caln.Winning answers of the contest: 1 - What would your turkey like to eat for lunch?

Answers by the winners: - "corn" - "the works (without the turkey)"

-"pizza, french fries, hamburgers, chicken patty with ketchup"

-"insects" "corn and carrots" 2 - Whom would you like to eat the Thanksgiving Luncheon with and why?

Answers by the winners: - Three winners chose their best friends-Two chose their teacher-Barbara Wilson's favorite response was given by Kelly Trego: "I want my Pop-Pop to come because he will make my friends laugh."

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