In Pennsylvania, we voters are hamstrung in the primaries. You must support your party candidate - whether you favor him or her or not - or not vote at all. It is never right to cast your vote for a candidate that you feel is a wrong choice for your township, state or country. Your conscience must outrank party affiliation!That is why I am calling on my fellow Republicans as well as Independents of the 13th District to support Tom Houghton for State Representative. When Tom (now in his second term as Chairman) was first elected to the Board of Supervisors of London Grove Township, its members were deeply divided on the issues of managed growth and the regulation of irresponsible composting practices that were polluting the township's air and water. Tom quickly cultivated a consensus around these issues and rallied the board to action: they blocked sprawl-inducing sewer and water from encroaching into London Grove North's agricultural zone, fought against the Rt. 41 bypasses which would turn London Grove into Exton; and secured the departure of two offending industrial composters, while supporting the expansion of several responsible ones.

Though we will not get our chance to vote for Tom in the upcoming primary, we eagerly anticipate our opportunity to do so in November. Don't let party loyalty prevent you from doing what's best for our District.

Resist the temptation to vote straight ticket. Educate yourselves on the issues that matter to the 13th district. Learn about what Tom has done for his township, how he has worked across party lines to achieve results and recruited the best candidates for the job regardless of party affiliation. Then cast your vote for Tom Houghton in the General Election when voters can vote for any candidate in any party.

Republicans and Independents for Tom Houghton: we'll see you in November!

Go to to see Tom's 5-Point plan for our District!

Mary Ann Feeney London Grove Township

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