Township Road residents Kimberly Gray and Jamie Cruz say they have not received an adequate response to their complaints about their children's school bus stop.Gray and Cruz said they have seen close calls with traffic this year that convinced them that walking their children to this particular bus stop is unsafe.

Even before their appearance at Oxford Area School Board meetings, they said, they have complained to district administrators without results.

"Two months and two weeks ago, we contacted the administration because our children were seconds away from being struck," Gray said.

When they did not get a quick response from the school board, Gray sent a letter expressing her concerns to neighbors, township supervisors and school board members.

While the parents feel their concerns have been ignored, board President Chauncey Boyd explained school officials have asked for a survey of the road by the state Department of Transportation, which recently determined the road is safe for the bus stop.

"They did a traffic study based on volume. By law, there must be at least 30 cars in 15 minutes (to be considered dangerous), and they counted one car and one UPS truck in a two-hour period in the morning hours," he said.

Boyd said PennDOT recommends that pedestrians cross the street to walk against traffic when departing the bus. And the school board is urging the township to install a "school bus stop ahead" sign.

"There's quite a bit being done, and we're trying to work as quickly as possible," Boyd said, underscoring the board's concern for student safety at all times.

But Gray said she is not going to put her children at risk, even if that means they will miss school.

"If I'm not going to walk my child to what I know is an unsafe bus stop, what will be done?" she asked the board. "I don't know why it's such a big fight."

In other business, the board approved the extension of the charter of the Erin Dudley Forbes Charter School for the next five years. Only board members Mike Alexander and Kurt Haegele voted against the extension.

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