Editor:What a pleasant surprise I received when the Aug. 21-27 paper arrived in my mailbox in Baker, West Virginia. On the front page was a picture of my son in Miss Brinton's Second Grade class, Timothy McMullen.

After starting the school year Miss Brinton informed me that Tim was not on grade level and would need a lot of help which she was willing to give and would need to repeat second grade. She also graciously agreed to teach him for two years. I appreciated all the time she took to help him and all the encouragement that she sent to Tim and his father and me. I cannot thank Debbie enough.

Time was always a hardy eater and really enjoyed the days that included breakfast. He liked as he grew taller to pat Miss Brinton on the head when they met in the store or around town.

He is now married and the father of three children. He is an electrician and we're very proud of him.

Our prayer is that every child could have a teacher as caring and loving as Deborah Brinton Prewitt. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Eleanor and Bob McMullen

Baker, W.V.

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