Borough Manager Betsy Brantner explained to Oxford Borough Council that over a decade ago, the previous Borough manager accepted full responsibility for a faulty sidewalk that was installed by a developer in front of a residence.Brantner said that the Borough had agreed to take care of the homeowner's issue with the sidewalk, because the original contractor incorrectly sealed that sidewalk.

"The homeowner came into the Borough building one day and said that nothing had ever been done," said Brantner.

She then said that she did some research and produced a signed document from Borough files proving that the Borough had agreed to the repairs.

According to the lowest bid received for the project, it would cost the Borough approximately $4, 300 to have the sidewalk fixed.

Council woman Leda Wid-does was worried that by the Borough agreeing to fix the problem, other residents would come forward and try to get new sidewalks.

"I just can't see spending $4, 000 of taxpayers' money for a sidewalk," she said. "I'm afraid we might open Pandora's box with this," said Widdoes.

Ultimately, Council voted 6-1 to approve the repair of the sidewalk, with Widdoes being the only member of Council to vote against it.

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