Jim and Rose Miller thought they had seen just about everything in their 60-plus years, but they weren't prepared for what they saw after coming home from a trip out last week.

Birds had made a nest in their wreath on the front door to their house on Elizabeth Way in Kennett Square. And they were apparently there for some time before the couple discovered them.

'I had been opening the door, sometimes slamming it, and didn't know they had a nest there,' said Rose.

The birds survived all of the door slamming, and last week they appeared grown enough to fly the nest. Neither Jim nor Rose knows what type of bird has made a home on their door. The mother bird is smaller than a sparrow, Jim said.

'A red-headed bird comes and sits and flies around,' Jim said. 'Apparently he won't come during the day. They must get fed during the evening.'

Rose found it irresistible to touch the birds, even though she had been told if birds were touched in their nest, the mother wouldn't return.

'I reached in to see if it was really a bird's nest,' she said. 'I touched them, and so far they haven't left.'

'Maybe if you're a mother or a grandmother you can do it,' Jim shot back.

For now, the Millers will continue to use their front door, but they will close it gingerly behind them. And they've enjoyed their new friends so much, they aren't anticipating the day they will fly away.

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