What a shame.When I saw that the Unionville-Chadds Ford School District referendum was defeated once again, I was (and am) completely befuddled. This is a top school district and property values reflect that. These are top kids and college entrance reflects that.

I was brought up that civic responsibility was fundamental. Just like helping those less fortunate and picking up litter. I also learned that when faced with opposition, the first thing to do is to try to see the other point of view. So, here goes: I'm guessing it's the taxes - if it was $250 or so at $64 million, then it must be closer to $120 or so at $30M (that's without a calculator). That works out to about $10 a month. The next reason I thought of for voting against the referendum was, um, was the yoga room? Not

So, in my effort to understand the "no" votes, the only thing I could come up with was a strong desire not to pay a few dollars extra a month. Thus, our kids are learning in trailers and closets that are not air conditioned so that people can have their I don't know extra latte? I'm trying people, really trying.

Since this area has a reputation of above-average intelligence, I would think that, not liking the solution proposed, another better, stronger, faster solution would be engineered by those in opposition. Haven't seen it. Haven't heard it. How about it? Looking forward to it. Meanwhile, I'll be baking 30 million cookies and brownies. They are each $1.

Julia Lacy

East Marlborough Township

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