Bam Margera posts Instagrams of local water rescue, deer stuck in pond

Image from Instagram

EAST BRADFORD >> Shortly after 6:30 p.m. Thursday evening West Chester Fire Companies were called for the report of a person and a deer stuck in the mud of a pond on the 800 block of Frank Road in East Bradford.

Police dispatch reported that the caller attempted to save the deer but the person got stuck and could not get out on their own.

Turns out West Chester area resident Bam Margera, well known from his exploits on the television shows “Jackass” and “Family Therapy,” was the caller. He posted to his 1.2 million followers on Instagram,”A deer stuck in my pond,” with a photo of his wife Nicole Boyd holding a male deer in a pond up to her waist. He posted a second photo with rescue crews wading out to assist the woman.

First West Chesterand Fame Fire companies responded along with Good Fellowship ambulance and West Chester police.

Rescue crews were able to help the woman safety. There was no word on the deer.

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