Avon Grove NFL Flag Football ResultsWeekend of Sept. 20 Division 2 Packers 46 - Jets 33 Packer's TDs: Ryan DeColli, George Gianforcaro, Matt Jacobs, Matt Leonard, Andrew Shelly and Andrew Scott

Packer's Defensive Standouts: Ryan DeColli, Quinn Parsons, Matt Leonard and Matt Jacobs

Saints 54 - Eagles 6 Saints TDs: Grant DuVall, Andrew Bishop, Austin Hahn Kyle Brison and Mike Davison

Saints Defensive Standouts: Jake Scialdone and Mike Davison Saints Offensive Standouts: Grant DuVall and Anthony Lange Falcons 48 - Dolphins 24 Falcon's TDs: Trystan Yeager, Jordan Carey and Brett Rumsey Dolphin's TDs: Evan Dunn, Pete Chappell and Dan Todd Defensive Standouts: Rocco DeFelice (Falcons), Jay Perry (Falcons) Conor Crowley (Falcons); Joe Todd (Dolphins) and Matt Lesher (Dolphins)

Offensive Standouts: Brad Klesius (Falcons), Charlie Trouba (Falcons), Andrew Ruf (Falcons), David Rocker (Dolphins) and Billy Rocker (Dolphins)

Division 3 Cowboys 47 - Raiders 6 Cowboy's TDs: Jason Palmer Tim DeVoll and Brendan Quirk Cowboy's Defensive Standouts: Matthew Tipton, Ethan Wooding and Alec Deshaies

Cowboy's Offensive Standouts: Owen Quirk, Jason Palmer and Jonathan Chick

Chargers 31 - Broncos 6 Chargers TDs: Leo Baccieri and Joseph Wesselman Chargers Defensive Standouts: Jessie Richardson, Paul Sharp and Jake Ilgenfritz

Chargers Offensive Standouts: Ben Eisenhardt, Gavin Fickes and Matt Klesius

Jets 26 - Buccaneers 6 Jets TDs: Ethan Gaz Chase Moyer, Jake Heess and Ward Taraba

Buccaneers TDs: Cassandra Bruecks Defensive Standouts: Chris Linnell (Jets), Dec Taylor (Jets), Eric Pederson (Jets), Joe Moran (Buccaneers) and Charlotte Bruecks (Buccaneers)

Offensive Standouts: Ward Taraba (Jets), Chase Moyer (Jets) and Austin MacNight (Buccaneers)

Giants 20 - Patriots 6 Giants TDs: Jake Reynolds and Ben Talham Patriots TDs: Austin Burrell Defensive Standouts: Max Henry (Giants), Logan Rayner (Giants), Austin Burrell (Patriots), Kevin Sheehan (Patriots), Val Dobbins (Patriots), and Mikey Connelly (Patriots)

Offensive Standouts: Tyler Boyd (Giants), Justin Carey (Giants), Kevin Sheehan (Patriots) and Anthony Cacciavillani (Patriots)

Colts 36 - Steelers 30 Colts TDs: Ryan Hannum, Andrew Leonard, Robert Keene and Hank Butler

Steelers TDs: Josh McGibbon and Josh Graff Defensive Standouts: Mike Kelly (Colts), Anthony Opromolla (Colts), Sam Willis (Colts), Adam Kimmel (Steelers) and Dylan Stike (Steelers)

Offensive Standouts: Peter Schiavo (Colts), Mike Bartoli (Colts), John Smiley (Colts), Josh McGibbon (Steelers) and Matt Gummel (Steelers)

Division 4 Patriots 20 - Giants 0 Patriots TDs: Jacob Brown and Jeffrey Billig Patriots Defensive Standouts: Whit Daly, Evan Quirk and Finn McSorley

Offensive Standouts: Tom Miller; Timmy Mattern; Luke Pannell

Chargers 12 - Bengals 6 Bengals TDs: Eric Downs Bengals Defensive Standouts: Luke Pappa and Ryan Miller Bengals Offensive Standouts: Alex Jenkins and Christian Harris Steelers vs. Packers NO SCORES REPORTED Steelers TDs: Casey Cloud Steelers Defensive Standouts: David Smiley, Ian Huver and Nick Friend

Steelers Offensive Standouts: Peter Schwartzkopf, Nathan Roumaniotis and Garrett Nienaber

Raiders 28 - Eagles 12 Eagles TDs: Noah Buller and Ryan Looney Eagles Defensive Standouts: Noah Buller

Eagles Offensive Standouts: Jake Sarkissian and Zachary Solum

Division 5 Broncos vs. Steelers NO SCORES REPORTED Broncos TDs: Benjamin Heess, Patrick Kelly and Brian Brower

Broncos Defensive Standouts: Benjamin Heess, Nicholas Mattingly, Jack Ewing and Patrick Kelly

Bronco's Offensive Standouts: Benjamin Heess, Patrick Kelly, Brian Brower and Robert Levan

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