A Source Water Protection Plan is in place in Atglen Borough, which will help protect the borough's groundwater recharge area that supplies the water to its wells and, ultimately, to the residents.

The plan will also benefit homeowners with wells in the area, said Brian Umble, director of operations for Atglen.

The next phase of the Source Water Protection Plan is to educate residents about it; the borough received three modules and tap water kits containing videos, DVDs and other video-type materials. Atglen Borough kept one and gave the others to Evan Fields, director of operations for neighboring Christiana Borough, and Octorara High School, where science teachers will use the material in class.

"It will educate students how the groundwater moves underground, what contamination does," said Umble.

Octorara Science teacher Frank Wasco said he has used the module in his ninth grade class to demonstrate how the water infilitrates the ground and the affect chemicals or atmosphere could have on it.

"It's really pretty neat to see," said Wasco, as he explained the process to the Parkesburg Ledger.

Umble said the borough also plans to develop a Well-head Protection brochure, which they will distribute to residents.

Umble said a committee has been in place for over a year; they meet three to four times a year. A grant from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for approximately $30,000 was received. Also involved has been the Pennsylvania Rural Water Association.

The whole thing began because the borough, which provides its residents with water from their own springs, has to drill another well because the town has grown so much, said Umble.

The borough has not yet received approval from DEP to drill another well, but the Source Water Protection Plan will tell them where to drill when the time comes, said Umble.

Included in the Source Water Protection Plan is a Spill Response Plan. "One thing that was learned was if there is a spill, how long we have before the contaminant infiltrates the water," said Umble.

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