Quarryville angus breeder recognizedThe Frey family of Quarryville has been recognized for their Angus breeding by the American Angus Association.

Frey Family Angus owns one bull listed in the 2008 Fall "Sire Evaluation report" published by the American Angus Association in Saint Joseph, Mo.

Issued in both the spring and fall, the new report features the latest performance information available on 6,670 sires and is currently accessible at www.angussiresearch.com.

"This report provides both Angus breeders and commercial cattle producers using Angus genetics with accurate, predictable selection tools for improving their herd," said Bill Bowman, CEO and director of performance programs for the American Angus Association.

Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) are generated from the performance database of the American Angus Association, which includes information submitted by almost 9,800 Angus breeders this past year through the association's Beef Improvement Records (BIR) program.

The fall 2008 evaluation includes new carcass EPDs which integrate the performance records from the carcass and ultrasound databases. Decision-making tools also include monetary values, the suite of bio-economic indexes designed to assist commercial producers in simplifying the genetic selection process. In addition, updated research reports are provided for heifer pregnancy and docility.

The semiannual analysis for the Sire Evaluation Report contains more than 16 million measures used to generate more than 47 million EPDs for the Angus breed. For more information, visit www.angus.org.

Stoner, Inc. acquires Releasomers Inc. Product Line

Stoner, Inc., in Quarryville, the national leader in industrial mold release agents, has acquired an exciting new product line from Relea-somers Inc., Bradfordwoods, Pa. The acquisition, finalized June 9, will enhance Stoner's nationwide capability in manufacturing and distribution.

Notes director of sales Gary Book, "We expect the acquisition to energize the Releasomers product line, and help carry on the legacy which John Allardice, founder of Releasomers, created over 30 years ago. The product line encompasses a broad product offering for diverse molding applications." Among those are injection, compression, pour cast, rubber, thermosets, high temperature composites, and tires.

For its part, says Book, Stoner brings to the table 50+ years of industry experience, recognized manufacturing excellence, and high levels of service. The result is a synergy that will benefit both companies' customers. Stoner will continue production under both the Releasomers and Stoner brand names.

Adds product manager Jim Ressler, "The Releasomers product line will allow us to help more customers save time and money. The products complement the Stoner products and allow us to offer total solutions for mold release needs."

Under the arrangement, Stoner acquires approximately 30 Relea-somers products. Currently, Stoner is at work integrating the product formulations and packaging. "The goal for us," explains Book, "is to maintain Stoner's consistently high levels of product performance and customer satisfaction as we integrate the Releasomers line."

This is the third acquisition for Stoner, and is part of an overall strategic growth initiative, says CEO Rob Marchalonis. "Releasomers was a long-time competitor of ours so we knew the company and its strengths quite well. Releasomers is very strong in rubber and composites molding, both industries we're excited about supporting and expanding."

Stoner, Inc., manufactures aerosol and bulk liquid mold release agents, lubricants, cleaners, rust preventives, and protectants used in various molding industries. In business for more than 60 years, the company is guided by its core values of: exceed customer expectations, motivate team members, quality/safety/environmental responsibility, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Venture Scout Crew forming at RR Museum

Venture Scout Crew 4800 is now forming at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg.

The program, sponsored by the Penn Dutch Council of the Boy Scout of American and the Railroad Museum, is ideal for youths between the ages of 14 and 20 who like trains. Crew members will enjoy behind-the-scenes tours, work on model trains, learn about railroading, meet railroaders and gain hands-on experiences. Great train rides, interesting field trips and social and civic activities also are planned.

The first informational meeting of the Venture Scout Crew will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 26 at the museum, Route 741, 300 Gap Road, Strasburg. Anyone who is interested should being a friend or parent to the meeting. The cost to join is $10.

For more information, call Patrick Morrison at 687-8628, ext. 3025 or email pmorrison@state.pa.us.

Long-range Transportation plan adopted

Safety, 21st Century modes of transportation and reducing congestion are all part of the Lancaster County Long Range Transportation Plan Update, 2009 to 2035, unanimously adopted today by the policy-making arm of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the Lancaster County Transportation Coordinating Committee, thereby fulfilling federal requirements to maintain the county's eligibility for federal transportation funds.

"This plan update is forward thinking and evolutionary, serving the needs of residents, visitors and commercial entities alike by planning for the transportation needs of the 21st Century," said James, R. Cowhey, executive director of the Lancaster County Planning Commission (LCPC). "The plan fully supports Balance, the Growth Management Element of Lancaster County's Comprehensive Plan and all the functional elements of the plan that were developed in conjunction with input from thousands of residents throughout the county. All of us involved in the development of the transportation plan are especially enthusiastic about the renovation of the Lancaster Amtrak Train Station set to begin later this year."

The plan update was developed with extensive public input and guided by a 40-plus member update task force, comprised of members of business and industry, education, modal operators, local municipalities, environmental groups, PennDOT and the Federal Highway Administration. The update was spearheaded by the Lancaster County Planning Commission (LCPC), the entity that oversees transportation, land use and community planning for the county.

The plan is expected to be adopted later this summer by the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners. Once adopted, the transportation plan update entitled Connections will become part of the county's comprehensive plan named Envision Lancaster County. The county's comprehensive plan is comprised of a Policy Element, a Growth Management Element, and Functional Elements. The transportation plan is a functional element of Envision Lancaster County. This plan has also been framed around implementing Balance, the Growth Management Element.

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