The following are the Week 2 results from the Avon Grove Recreation Association's winter basketball season.

BOYS ELEMENTARY DIVISION - Whitford Insurance Network defeated Kennett Dental 16-8. Dylan Dunn scored 4 pts for Whitford Insurance Network. Conor Crowley, Matthew Johnson, and Tyler Albertson each contributed 2 pts for Kennett Dental.

Sher Rockee Mushroom Outlet pulled out a 17-14 win over Kennett Insurance Services. Joseph Thompson netted 6 pts for Sher Rockee Mushroom Outlet. Conor McKay, Michael Borcky, and Mike Birch each popped in 2 pts for Kennett Insurance Services.

Davis Accounting squeezed out a 13-12 win over Nowland Associates Contractors. Ryan Hubley netted 3 pts for Davis Accounting. Dillon Camac put in 3 pts for Nowland Associates Contractors.

Hatton & Associates beat Sovereign Bank 11-6. Billy Rocker scored 4 pts for Hatton & Associates. Michael Leonard scored 6 pts for Sovereign Bank.

Abernethy's Auto Body Shop came away the winners 17-8 over Nutra Soils, Inc. Sam Martin put in 3 pts for Abernethy's Auto Body Shop. Dilan Larkin scored 4 pts for Nutra Soils, Inc.

"The Blues" took the win 8-4 over John Gallen Photographer. Michael Deitz, Kyle Goodwin and Joseph Cimabue each contributed 2 pts for "The Blues". Michael Burke netted 2 pts for John Gallen Photographer.

GIRLS ELEMENTARY DIVISION - C. Christian Franck Family Dentistry won 22-10 over Beiler Campbell Realtors. Kaitlyn Long popped in 6 pts for C. Christian Franck Family Dentistry. Dianna Johnson netted 6 pts for Beiler Campbell Realtors.

Vince's Sports Center came away with a win 24-12 over Linda's Hair Techniques. Miranda Murdoch put in 10 pts for Vince's Sports Center. Shelby Hallman netted 4 pts for Linda's Hair Techniques.

GIRLS JUNIOR DIVISION - Kelly's Sports, Ltd. won 24-12 over Peoples Bank of Oxford. Nancy Fail scored 4 pts for Kelly's Sports, Ltd. Kristen Jacobs put in 4 pts for Peoples Bank of Oxford.

Dianne C. Mehn Beauty Shop defeated New London Presbyterian Church 32-12. Alana Garrity and Kristin Maloney scored 6 pts each for Dianne C. Mehn Beauty Shop. New London Presbyterian Church had 2 pts each from Brianna Arrell, Carly Mahaney, Jackie Deitz and Kati Davis.

Chesterville Architects squeezed out a 11-10 win over Filacheck's Furniture. Emily Spitzenberger and Jill Rooney each put in 2 pts for Chesterville Architects. Katelin Bush, Kristine Fenstermacher, and Brianna Reinhart each popped in 2 pts for Filacheck's Furniture.

BOY'S JUNIOR DIVISION - Sher Rockee Mushroom Farms squeezed out a 28-16 win over Tom's TV.

Daniel Ciurlino netted 10 pts for Tom's TV. Alex Ciarrocchi popped in 10 pts for Sher Rockee Mushroom Farms.

DuVall Truck & Bus Service pulled out a 26-25 win over Senior Secure, Inc. Seth Shoap netted 14 pts for DuVall Truck & Bus Service. Michael Bullins netted 8 pts for Senior Secure, Inc.

Paul Boxler Construction won 28-23 over Ricky D's Sandwiches, etc. Mikal Evans, Wade Gaspar, Shane Galante each contributed 4 pts for Paul Boxler Construction. Shane Munro popped in 4 pts for Ricky D's Sandwiches, etc.

The Big Dipper defeated Ground Zero Youth Ministries 30-13. Ian Taylor scored 13 pts for The Big Dipper. Amir Tillman and Ian O'Bryan each contributed 2 pts for Ground Zero Youth Ministries.

Yerkes Insurance beat Wachovia Securities 16-13. Sam Heiger, Jack Heiger, and Jonathan Jansen each put in 2 pts for Yerkes Insurance. Carey Ciccone netted 6 pts for Wachovia Securities.

SENIOR BOYS DIVISION - McCormick Orthodontics won 30-22 over Champion Trophies. Tyler Fraser scored 9 pts for McCormick Orthodontics. Aaron Bennett netted 9 pts for Champion Trophies.

Project R.A.K.E. took the win 35-27 over Schuibbeo Electric. Matthew McGinley scored 9 pts for Project R.A.K.E. Connor Lennox and Ben Krinsky each popped in 6 pts for Schuibbeo Electric.

GIRLS SENIOR DIVISION - Oxford Feed & Lumber defeated Senior Secure, Inc. 34-9. Erica Ward netted 10 pts for Oxford Feed & Lumbr. Kerri Russo scored 3 pts for Senior Secure, Inc.

Everyday Artists won 34-14 over McCormick Orthodontics. Jazmyn Hudson put in 8 pts for Everyday Artists. Andrea Herpen scored 4 pts for McCormick Orthodontics.

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