About 30 students from Avon Grove Charter School joined at the White Clay Creek Preserve in London Britain Township on Saturday to release trout and study the water.The occasion was the White Clay Creek Creek fest that was held at the preserve headquarters on London Tract Road and in Delaware.

The charter school project involved about 79 of trout that were raised by the third grade class from eggs in the classroom. They reported that they had to monitor the water temperature (keeping it cool enough) and make sure the fish were fed throughout the school year.

Occasionally, Principal Keven Brady said, some of the fish ate each other.

When the students arrived at the stream on Saturday, they placed three buckets of trout in the stream to get them used to the temperature. In the process, at least one of the trout died, which drew much attention from their caregivers.

At 11:30 a.m., each student was given a plastic cup containing a trout fingerling from the bucket by teacher Laura MacKelkan. They were instructed to name the fish, give it a name and wish it well in its new journey.

In addition to releasing the trout, the students and MacKelkan collected water samples from the stream and examined the microorganisms under a microscope. They also tested for nitrates in the water.

By the end of the morning, most of the kids (and some family dogs) were drenched from their dips in the stream.

The Avon Grove Charter School carries on a multitude of environmental projects throughout the year, including a week of outdoor work during Earth Week.

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