The following are the Week 1 results from the Avon Grove NFL Flag Football League's fall season.Division 2 Falcons 40, Eagles 22

Falcons TD's: Brad Klesius, Trystan Yeager, Charlie Trouba; Defensive Standouts: Brett Rumsey (Falcons), Jordan Carey (Falcons); Offensive Standouts: Rocco DeFilece (Falcons), Jay Perry (Falcons), Conor Crowley (Falcons) Saints 43, Jets 20

Saints TD's: Austin Hahn, Grant DuVall, Andrew Bishop, Kyle Brison; Defensive Stand-outs: Harrison Yates (Saints), Michael Davison (Saints); Offensive Standouts: Austin Hahn (Saints), Stephen Urtz (Saints)

Packers 31, Dolphins 25

Packers TD's: Matt Jacobs, Ryan DeColli, George Gianforcano; Dolphins TD's: Dan Todd, Evan Dunn, David Rocker; Defensive Standouts: Matt Leonard (Packers), Chase Adams (Packers), Tyan Teel (Packers), Matt Lesher (Dolphins), Dylan Kane (Dolphins); Offensive Standouts: Matt Jacobs (Packers), George Gianforcano (Packers), Ryan DeColli (Packers), David Rocker (Dolphins), Dan Todd (Dolphins)

Division 3 Jets 26, Broncos 13

Jets TD's: Adam Gaerity, Ethan Gaz, Chase Moyer; Defensive Standouts: Nick Carlin (Jets), Ward Taraba (Jets); Offensive Standouts: Chase Moyer (Jets), Ethan Gaz (Jets) Raiders 18, Steelers 12

Raiders TD's: Justin Urie, Alec Arhontakis, Mike Rhodes; Defensive Standouts: Justin Urie (Raiders); Offensive Stand-outs: Alec Archontakis (Raiders), Steve Lange (Raiders)

Chargers 40, Buccaneers 6

Charders TD's: Matt Klesius, Gavin Fickes, Ben Eisenhardt; Defensive Standouts: Paul Sharp (Chargers), Leo Baccieri (Chargers); Offensive Standouts: Jessie Richardson (Chargers), Joseph Wesselman (Chargers), Brett Yurkovich (Chargers)

Patriots 20, Colts 14

Patriots TD's: Vincent Smith, Anthony Cacciavillani, Austin Burrell; Colts TD's: Robert Keene, Ryan Hannum; Defensive Standouts: Nathan Stenta (Patriots), Matthew Casson (Patriots), Hank Butler (Colts), Sam Willis (Colts), Mike Bartoli (Colts)

Offensive Standouts: Nathan Stenta (Patriots), Peter Schiavo (Colts), Anthony Opromolla (Colts), John Smiley (Colts) Cowboys 26, Giants 24

Cowboys TD's: Jason Palmer, Tim DeVoll, Brendan Quirk; Giants TD's: Matt Chalupa, Stephen Ruf, Tyler Boyd, Justin Carey; Defensive Standouts: Matthew Tipton (Cowboys), Alec Deshaies (Cowboys), Tim DeVoll (Cowboys), Justin Carey (Giants); Offensive Standouts: Owen Quirk (Cowboys), Jason Palmer (Cowboys), Jonathan Chick (Cowboys), Keegan Connell (Giants)

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