The following are the Week 2 results from the Avon Grove NFL Flag Football League's fall season.

Division 1

Vikings 33, Eagles 0

Vikings TD's: Chase Adams, Roger White, Tim Zinzel. Defensive Standout: Peter Chappell. Offensive Standout: Grant DuVall

49ers 13, Steelers 13

49ers TD's: Andrew Ruff, Jeff Markiewicz. Defensive Standout: Andrew Bishop. Offensive Standout: Mickael Wood.

Division 2

Seahawks 13, Eagles 12

Seahawks TD's: Matt Klesius, Bruce Cervantes, Jake Ilgenfritz. Defensive Standouts: Logan Coyle, Justin Urie, Nick Hays. Offensive Standouts: Dominick Sinopoli, Leo Bacchieri.

Division 3

Raiders 22, Dolphins 8

Raiders TD's: Andrew Brady, Eric Pedersen. Dolphins TD's: Tyler Disbrow. Defensive Standout: Nick Chastain. Offensive Standout: Bryce DeMuth.

Vikings 18, Broncos 6

Vikings TD's: Tim Weber, Tim White, Trevor Baker. Defensive Standout: Ryan Geary. Offensive Standout: Willie Gallagher. Broncos TD's: Mikey Connelly.

Jaguars 13, Eagles 12

Jaguars TD's: Colin Fowler, Shane Wolford. Defensive Standout: Andrew Goldberg. Offensive Standout: Cole Bottari. Eagles TD's: Ryan Looney, Ryan Hannum.

Patriots 25, Packers 8

Patriots TD's: Steven Long, Jake Giles, Jake Reynolds. Defensive Standouts: Drew Dolan, Ronny Rineer. Offensive Standouts: Kyle Pusey, Jesse Orozco. Packers TD's: Aaron Cahill.

Steelers 19, Buccaneers 6

Steelers TD's: Alex Jenkins, Jake Pitts, Michael Kelly. Defensive Standouts: Matt Zinzel, Brett Wilson. Offensive Standouts: Owen Quirk, A J Holiday, Alec Deshaies. Buccaneers TD's: Cole Bottorff.

Division 4

Chargers 19, Patriots 0

Chargers TD's: Michael Gianforcaro, Andrew Lisi, Timmy Mattern. Defensive Standout: Andrew Miller, Josh Pandak. Offensive Standout: Sean Simpson.

Panthers 24, Vikings 0

Panthers TD's: Brett Kochmansky, Jeffrey DeVoll, Nick Barnhardt. Defensive Standouts: Ryan McGill, Ben Heess. Offensive Standout: Sean Weber.

Eagles 30, Ravens 0

Eagles TD's: Tommy Wunder, Quintin Fickes, Zach Canavin. Defensive Standouts: Ryan Schillinger, William Markowski. Offensive Standouts: Justin Neskie, Paul Schellinger.

49ers 0, Redskins 0

49ers Offensive Standouts: Jonathan Fritz, Alex Wank, Max Paschall, Kevin Quinn and Mathew Martini. 49ers Defensive Standouts: Zachary Brown, Max LeClerc, Tyler Long, Jack Ewing and Justin Lengel.

Jaguars 18, Giants 0

Jaguars TD's: Mike Romano. Defensive Standout: Victor Marcelo. Offensive Standout: Ethan Valentine. Giant Defensive Standouts: Nicholas Casson, Jimmy Winiarski, Lucas Ramsey. Offensive Standouts: Colin Slupe, Nick Friend, Doug Hill.

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