Andrew Smith has recently become the new pastor at the Presbyterian Church of Kennett Square.Born and raised in Ireland, Smith went to Alaska at the age of 16, where his parents still live. Having lived in Dublin and Belfast, he met his wife, Tara, in New England, and since much of the family is still in America, Smith began looking for vacancies as a pastor in a Presbyterian church here.

Although Kennett Square was a brand new area for the Smiths, Andrew said he felt that "this was the place we should come to." A much smaller community than Dublin, Smith said that Kennett Square seems like a great community and a forward looking town.

Having two children, Fiona, 13, and Duncan, 10, entering eighth and fifth grades, he said he is very happy visiting the schools here.

Although the church has had its ups and downs over the last few years, Smith said that a new pastor arriving will bring a fresh start.

He added that John King, the interim pastor for the past two years, brought a lot of healing and Smith is "very grate songwriter Bill Mallonee.

Smith said he has a heart for those who have given up on the church. He added that he loves to connect with people who wonder who Christ is and what relevancy He has for their lives. He saw this in Ireland, where, like much of Europe, the country has become a spiritual but secular place. "It happened so quickly in Ireland," he said.

One of the things Smith is starting is a session after the church services this fall where congregants can gather after the service to talk about what they have just heard and experienced. He says this is a way to reach out to those who may disagree and to clarify what has been said.

One of the things that happened for the church over the summer was the first formal joint venture with the Church of the Open Door of the Vacation Bible School program in August. The Church of the Open Door currently leases the Westminster House across the street from the Presbyterian Church on South Broad Street.

The fall schedule will begin this Sunday and all are welcome to visit.

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