We are having rain off and on today, which makes it difficult to hang the wash out on the lines. So in between the showers, theclothes have been drying. I don't like to have clothes that are almost dry get wet again. I should've maybe waited to wash the clothes until tomorrow.

With the storms and all the rain we had last night I thought it might be nicer outside today, but it's still showery. The children and I picked up my sisters Verena and Susan yesterday morning and then headed over to sister Emma's house to help clean. Emma's will be holding church services at their house in the near future. We cleaned out closets and washed walls, ceilings, and windows in several bedrooms. Closets are time consiming to clean.

Around 4:30 p.m. we decided to start home, but saw that a storm was brewing in the northwest. We waited at Emma's awhile longer and the storm seemed to just blow over so we started for home. But we were wrong. Almost halfway home it started getting very windy and large chunks of hail started hitting our buggy. We put our lights on and I could hardly see where we were going. The horse struggled to keep going. Rain pelted the buggy and we just all tried to remain calm and hoped our steady horse would get us home. The children were scared. How thankful we were for having a covered buggy, but it was still scary to realize what could happen. We sure were relieved once we arrived home. My husband Joe had been worried that we might be in the storm and opened the pole barn door for us to pull into. When we arrived home several branches were off our trees and my corn was flattened. It is starting to stand up again today. The rest of the garden also looks battered up some.

Sunday we were surprised to see Joe's Dad and his uncle Solomon from Sugarcreek, Ohio drive in to visit. We made them stay and have dinner with us.

Solomon stayed a couple of days and him and Joe's Dad came here each day to hang siding on our new house. We sure appreciated their help. There is a little more siding still to do, but that that will be a big job to have completed and over with. The boys sure enjoyed being outside with grandpa and Uncle Solomon.

Our blocks came for our chimney on Saturday. Joe, Elizabeth, and I carried some to every level in the house. What a tiring job! Our porch railing should come this week. I'll be relieved once the railing is on. The children like to play on the porch and I am always afraid they'll fall off. Our porch goes out over our walk-out basement so it's a little higher. We ate quite a few meals out there on the new porch already. It is so nice and breezy under there. I can't wait until we can get a porch swing to hang up.

A reader requested a recipe for hominy. Try this one:


1 quart shelled corn

2 quarts water

2 tablespoons baking soda

Wash corn thoroughly, add soda and water and soak overnight. In the morning bring to a boil in the same water in which the corn has soaked. Cook for three hours or until hulls loosen. Add more water as necessary during cooking. Drain off water and wash corn in clear water rubbing vigorously until all hulls are removed. Bring to a boil again in clear water and drain off water. Repeat again. Add 1 teaspoon salt to each quart of hominy. Use an enamel or stainless steel kettle for cooking the corn.

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