PENN – During its Aug. 1 meeting, the Penn Township Board of Supervisors agreed to an extension for the Jennersville Medical Building land development plan that will run until Nov. 11.

The township planning commission still has concerns with the plan for the property near the Route 796 intersection with the Route 1 bypass, but representatives for the project were not in attendance at their recent meetings.

At issue are the traffic improvements and placement of water lines for the new building. The planning commission does not want the size or location of the new water main to encourage additional development in the area, which is already outside the region proposed for public water service. On the other hand the supervisors are firm that the water main needs to be within the right of way instead of cutting across the parcel. In other business, roadmaster Skip Elvin reported that ditching on Kelton Road has been completed and the pipes for the additional road work are scheduled to be delivered the week of August 13th. 'There are trees on that road right now I am working on the possibility of removing, that could tie in with the bridge replacement,' he said, noting that doing the work all at once could be a cost saver for the township.

Water for those who use the township park has not been available at the park's two drinking fountains because they are both broken at this time. The latest problem appears to be an underground water leak that will need to be dug up and the pipe repaired or capped.

Rather than repair the water fountains, which have had repeated problems and limited availability of replacement parts, the supervisors would prefer to eliminate them. Supervisor Curtis Mason is suggesting that water be made available on the outer wall of the park rest rooms. In that location it could be easily turned off in the winter months to prevent freezing,

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