(Photo by Wm. Shawn Weigel) On Monday night, New Garden board of supervisors chairman Bob Norris presented Debbie Dubois with the Volunteer of the Year award. Norris said the decision to present Dubois with the award was a unanimous one among the other board members. Dubois is a member of the planning commission as secretary and the open space review board, and according to Norris has been the driving force behind the completion of the township's massive trail network. In her brief statement, Dubois thanked the board members, and suggested to the audience that everyone should take time to volunteer. See exclusive video online at <a href=""></a>.

We like to know about famous people. Much time, energy and money goes toward learning about them. We want to know their background, what their homes look like, where they go, their romantic interests etc. But no matter how much we know about these people, we don't really have a personal relationship with them. We don't expect them to one day give us a call for a friendly chat. In fact, they would not likely have any interest in knowing anything about us at all. Yet the way we talk about them you would think they were our friends. What sounds like a personal relationship amounts to only head knowledge and is one sided. All that knowledge does not bring us any closer to these people that we so admire.

That should not be what our relationship is like with God. When it comes to our relationship with God, head knowledge is not enough. Many people grow up learning about God in Sunday school and church but have never developed a personal relationship. God is personal and invites us to get to know him. In the book of James in the fourth chapter and 8th verse it says, "Come near to God and he will come near to you". We can come near to one who knows all about us. God is the one who created us and knows all the intimate details of our lives. In God's word we are told of God's great love for us. Our relationship with God is like that of a loving parent who has the power and wisdom to show us how to live the best life.

Unlike our one way relating to famous people, our relationship with God can be up close and personal. In prayer, we can grow into an intimate relationship with God. We can talk to God and God listens and talks to us if we will listen. Take the time to build a relationship with God in prayer. It is rewarding and will be of great benefit to you and many others.

Barbara Brown has worked in campus ministry for 37 years with Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship. Her ministry for the past 13 years has been that of a prayer specialist with a focus on ethnic diversity. Since 2003, Barbara has been a member of the United Methodist Church of the Open Door where she serves as the Minister of Congregational Prayer Life.

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