When inspiration strikes Bam Margera, he rarely ignores the urge.

Like on Sunday, for example, when the 'Jackass' and 'Viva la Bam' star decided on the spur of the moment to hold an art show today at the skate park situated on his property outside West Chester.

And he's only inviting a few close friends - mainly, whomever wants to show up.

For the occasion, Margera is pairing up with West Chester fine artist John Hannafin for the third time, after having shared a double bill at the Chester County Historical Society last spring and one in Exton last summer.

Margera missed their first show together in West Chester, however, after he took a header off of Metlako Falls in Oregon with pro kayaker Steve Fisher in a stunt gone horribly wrong.

'Yeah, I ruptured my hernia,' Margera said.

In the past few years, the stuntman prankster has produced hundreds of paintings and has even managed to sell more than a few.

'The first art show I ever had, before the doors opened at 6, I already sold six paintings,' he said. 'The only problem is I don't know how to put a price tag on my paintings. I don't care about the size … I care about how much I like it.'

Margera and Hannafin will both present between 15 and 20 paintings, with Hannafin's more traditional architecture and landscape pieces juxtaposed against Margera's wild and impressionistic works.

'I'll buy, like, 10 canvases at once and work on one, mainly. But then I Jackson Pollack the hell out of everything - including my house. But sometimes paint will splash on other canvases and sometimes, by accident, things will start looking cooler on the other ones,' Margera said.

Margera's chosen medium for his painting is, basically, 'anything and everything.'

That includes traditional media like oils and pigments to bodily fluids in a few selections.

The show will cap off with a live performance by Margera's band, whose full name isn't mentionable in a family newspaper; let's just abbreviate it as FFU and leave it at that.

'We had 15 sold-out dates in Australia, and five in Canada, and we just did 10 shows in America,' Margera said of the punk rock and cover band he does vocals for. 'And for the summer, we're going all over Europe. Like, Eastern Europe … I live on the tour bus.'

Margera met Hannafin shortly after purchasing a copy of his 'West Chester Dream' painting.

Since then, the two have struck up a friendly and creative partnership, with each finding some inspiration in the other's works.

'I'm stoked that Hannafin said, 'Dude, I like your technique.' And I'm like, '(What's) my technique? I don't have one.' My technique is, put everything on everything,' Margera said. 'He went to school, he was taught how to do proper art. And it is. My art is just hell on wheels.'

'He's like pure street energy, and I feed off of that,' Hannafin said of Margera's style. 'Listening to his music frees my painting style so much, which is good because I try not to be so tight.'

Margera and Hannafin are hopeful for a good turnout this afternoon, with both aware of the short time the project came together - and that it came out of a random conversation two nights ago.

'It's art for the sake of art,' Margera said. 'Just come on out and have a good time.'

What's more rock 'n' roll than that?

Margera and Hannafin's show is at Castle Bam, 435 Hickory Hill Road in West Chester. The gates open at 5 p.m. - use temporary gate code 0070 - and the show runs until 9 p.m., with FFU performing about 7 p.m.

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