When the Earl of Sandwich first enjoyed his namesake creation, he probably never dreamed of one called a “Cinnamuncher.” But you can as area chefs share three wake-up-worthy sandwich recipes to start your day.

“Our Cinnamuncher is probably the most ‘wowing,’” said Joey Kolimaga of Avenue Eatz in Wayne. “People love seeing that one.”

It’s a cinnamon roll with ham steak, Gruyère and a runny egg. And it’s one of many breakfast sandwiches on the menu with names like the Morning After, featuring scrambled eggs, cheddar, avocado, bacon and sriracha mayonnaise on a pretzel roll.

“I would say the most popular one is the Morning After. Everyone’s going crazy for avocado lately,” he explained. “The pretzel roll is really what makes it in my mind.”

Or sample a Salty Pig with prosciutto, cheddar and egg on a grilled, inside-out Asiago bagel.

The chef “just decided to grill the bagel inside-out. We all went crazy for it. We all loved it. It made it so much better,” Kolimaga described. “He created it about a year ago, and now it’s a fad in New York City, which is cool.”

Another warming trend: breakfast burritos. Chef George Bieber suggests his Healthier Breakfast Burrito “as in healthier than bacon and cheddar.”

“We did something similar as a special not too long ago, and it was super delicious,” said the owner of Shorty’s Sunflower Cafe in Pottstown, who combines eggs, rice, greens, hot peppers and ricotta-white bean spread.

“The spread – once you have it, you can make sandwiches all week and not just breakfast sandwiches,” Bieber noted. “When we made it, everyone in the kitchen was just putting it on everything.”

Hungry for more? Try his Breakfast Enchilada, Dirty Egg Roll or Breakfast Club.

“They’re just a great way to start the day,” he said. “I just like breakfast foods in general, more than most others.”

So do the folks at Avenue Eatz. When questioned about his top pick, Kolimaga replied, “That’s like asking a mom her favorite child.”

“Right now, my personal favorite is the Maple Bacon,” he added, “but it rotates.”

Healthier Breakfast Burrito(Feel free to add or substitute any healthy ingredient with bacon and cheddar cheese.)

Ingredients2 eggs1 flour tortilla, large

½ cup rice, cooked1 tablespoon butter

½ cup ricotta-white bean spread (see recipe below)

1 cup fresh greens (including any or all: lettuce, spinach, kale, cilantro)

Hot peppers, fresh or pickled (optional)

InstructionsScramble eggs with rice in butter. Warm flour tortilla slightly. Spread ricotta mix on tortilla, top with egg mix, greens and hot peppers. Roll and enjoy!

Ricotta-White Bean Spread:1 cup ricotta cheese

1 cup white beans, cooked, drained

1 teaspoon herbs, fresh, chopped (dill, rosemary, parsley)

By hand or with electric blender, mix all ingredients until smooth.


CinnamuncherIngredients1 egg cooked sunny-side up

1 slice tavern ham steak1 slice imported Gruyère cheese

Buttermilk maple cinnamon roll (sliced in half)

InstructionsCook the egg sunny-side up. Heat the ham steak, melt the Gruyère on the ham and layer all the ingredients inside the cinnamon roll.


Ingredients2 eggs2 slices applewood bacon

2 slices sharp cheddar½ avocado

Pretzel roll (key ingredient)Sriracha mayo:

1 tablespoon sriracha sauce2 tablespoons mayonnaise

Pinch of cayenne pepperPinch of onion powder

InstructionsCombine all ingredients for sriracha mayo and set aside. Scramble the eggs with one slice of cheddar. Top the eggs with bacon and melt the second slice on top. Place on pretzel roll, top with avocado and sriracha mayo.


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