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Lisa Lightner

As my little guys get bigger and are able to do more outdoors, they actually want to do more outdoors. I don't know if I've always been particular or if it's a part of getting older, but I'm really finding that I'm a 'fair weather friend' when it comes to being outdoors.

I want the weather conditions to be almost perfect before I do an activity. Mind you, I don't mind going out in the cold and I don't mean perfect 70s and sunny, but overall decent weather.

And as many of you already know, weather conditions in Pennsylvania are often less than perfect. Lately my 4-year-old has been asking me to do things outdoors, and I'll say 'No, it's raining,' and he'll remind me that we have rain coats. We have a huge problem in our yard with gnats when the weather is a certain temperature, and I find them to be unpleasant enough to keep me indoors. Not him, he just shoos them away.

Overall, I am finding it enjoyable in that he is pushing me out of my comfort zone, as I don't want to keep him indoors and make him an outdoors wimp. If he's willing to play in the rain and with swarms of gnats and other less than ideal conditions, I will be too. If he has a spirit for being outdoors, I'm trying harder to nurture that. For now, he would much rather run around outdoors than watch tv, so I want to continue that trend.

Here are some upcoming events in our area. Think of yourself as a US Mail Service --not rain, nor sleet…..will keep you from attending an event you've committed to attending.

The Young Friends of the Brandywine Conservancy will host their 20th Annual Brandywine River Cleanup on Saturday, April 20, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. With the goal of reaching 30 total tons of trash collected, more than 125 volunteers are expected to participate in the cleanup spanning ten miles from Lenape Bridge in Pennsylvania to Thompson's Bridge in Delaware. Since the event's inception, the Young Friends have removed more than 28 tons of trash from the river banks. To help with the cleanup, please contact Kathy Smith at or 610-388-8315. Volunteers are asked to come to the Environmental Management Center at the Brandywine River Museum at 9 a.m. to register and be divided into teams, which will clean sections of the river banks.

I really wish we didn't already have plans for the 27th, or I would definitely do this one:

Salamander, Frogs and Snakes, Oh My! at Bucktoe Creek Preserve; 432 Sharp Road, Avondale, PA; Saturday April 27, 2013 from noon. Experience the slippery and slimy world of reptiles and amphibians with herpetology enthusiast, Kyle Loucks. Spend the morning learning about and searching for these creatures in woodlands and wetlands of Bucktoe Creek Preserve. Please dress appropriately, as you will be in damp areas. Visit or 610-347-0347.

Nocturnal Sounds At Bucktoe Creek Preserve; 432 Sharp Road, Avondale, PA Monday April 22, 2013 from 7:00pm-8:30pm; Come celebrate Earth Day out on the preserve to listen and search for creatures of the night. Visit or 610-347-0347.

As always, e-mail me at LisaLightner at yahoo to have your event listed.

Outdoor enthusiast Lisa Lightner lives in Avondale.

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