After reading Catherine Odom’s article "Mascot Issue Polarizing Unionville Community," I cannot remain silent or agree less with those who are buying into this hypocrisy.

As a 1964 graduate of the Unionville Indians, I am only one of thousands of alumni who never received the biased referendum on the issue. I am stunned at the naïveté of those yearning for shadow “friending," social justice and reparations.

In order to provide the novelty of education, I am submitting a link to a competent website -- The Scientific American. This article underscores the deceit surrounding early Native American’s consistent atrocities against differing tribes, which matched those of later European explorers. Only the self-righteous are without guilt.

Furthermore, you can’t just protest NALM (Native American Lives Matter), or BLM (Black Lives Matter) issues. If one doesn’t wish to be a hypocrite then JLM (Jewish Lives Matter), ULM (Uighur Lives Matter), Soviet Stalinist ULM (Ukrainian Lives Matter) and thousands of other subjugated lives throughout history, matter! In the end you will have to expunge thousands of pieces of literature, art, scientific discoveries and cultural aesthetics from the past, to be true to your beliefs.

Finally, if you think that tearing down a statue or deleting a mascot will absolve whatever false or misguided guilt you possess, then you are only pandering to bureaucratic propagandists and nihilists. It is a false assumption, at best.

Keep the Indian mascot!

Tom DeMott
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