BIRMINGHAM—Work to repair the heavily traveled Lenape Road Bridge on Route 52 in Birmingham Township will be completed by the end of May, as the weather hasn't contributed to any delays, PennDOT spokesman Tim Stutzman said this week.

"We're on schedule, and it will be completed at the end of May," Stutzman said. "It won't be any later than that, but it could be earlier depending on the weather we get in February and March."

The bridge, which carries nearly 10,000 vehicles across it daily, was closed in July.

Safety repairs are being made to the 107-year-old bridge that spans the Brandywine River and is located near the 22-acre Brandywine Picnic Park, which is up for sale at $1.49 million.

Built in 1912, this stone masonry bridge is 342 feet long and 24 feet wide stone.

Stutzman said when completed, the bridge will retain its architectural beauty.

"It will look exactly like it did," he said. "It will look historic."

When completed, the bridge will not be any wider. Stutzman said, though motorists may get that illusion because of the way contractors are placing the stone.

Traffic signal work, including timing modifications, took place soon after construction started at the intersections listed below, with limited impact to motorists:

• Temporary advanced left turn light installed on eastbound Route 926 (Street Road) at Birmingham Road;

• Temporary advanced left turn light installed on southbound Route 52 (Lenape Road) at Birmingham Road; and

• Permanent flashing yellow left turn arrow installed on eastbound Route 926 (Street Road) for left turns onto northbound Pocopson Road.

Loftus Construction Inc., is the general contractor on the $3,439,000 project which is financed with 80 percent federal and 20 percent state funds.

Lenape Bridge is a historic stone arch bridge which has seven spans, each 44-foot-long, with a total length of 308 feet. The bridge was constructed of random rubble stone. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.

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