Joy Rosser

Joy Rosser, a sixth-grade science teacher at Kennett Middle School, displays the new book she authored.

NEW GARDEN—A sixth-grade science teacher at Kennett Middle School has authored a book she hopes will inspire teachers to come to school better motivated and prepared.

Called "Sharing Mindsets: Where Classrooms and Businesses Meet," authored by Joy Rosser, the book is a must read for anyone who needs a bit of inspiration to do better in life.

The forward is authored by Ron Jaworski, former Eagles' quarterback and CEO of several golf courses in the region. All of the 21 chapters in the book have personal insight from local, successful business people, including Ed Herr, president and CEO of Herr Foods Inc., Pat Ciarrochi, chairman and CEO of Chickie and Pete's Sports Bar, Andrea Gilbert, president of Bryn Mawr Hospital and Chris Gheysens, president and CEO of Wawa, Inc.

"The book is about helping people to be their best," Rosser said. "There's inspirational messages for teachers, like teacher wellness, getting teachers to come to school more mentally prepared to work with kids. It's more about the mindset."

Lorenzo DeAngelis, principal at Kennett Middle School, said that although many teachers come to school prepared, there is a problem sustaining that motivation.

"This isn't just for teachers, it's for anyone," DeAngelis said. "It (the book) shows how to provide support and excitement and motivation for any job. Joy tends to do that with kind and caring motivational respect. It's all about how we can do our jobs better and feel better about ourselves."

Rosser, a teacher at Kennett Middle School since 1995 and who taught for 10 years at Drexel Hill Middle School in Upper Darby, becomes the second published author at Kennett Middle School.

"Over the course of my 25 years in teaching, I have seen all kinds of teachers," Rosser said. "Teachers come in bringing struggles from home, and have trouble compartmentalizing or disciplining that out. This (book) shows what can we do about that. Later in the day, kids don't deserve less of a teacher."

DeAngelis said that even though Kennett Middle School has some of the best teachers in the county, there is always room for improvement.

"Teachers don't come in here and work 9 to 5," he said. "Nobody is punching a clock. They work with kids and they go the extra mile. The book says it's OK to do that. No one is looking for the limelight, but they just want to help the kids."

The first seven chapters in the book deal with the self, the second seven chapters, the heart, and the final seven deal with generosity.

The book is published by Rowman and Littlefield and is available online at Amazon.

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