Jerry Simpson

Jerry Simpson, Southern Chester County Regional Police Department chief, will be adding Avondale to his responsibilities.

AVONDALE—Residents of Avondale will get around-the-clock police coverage beginning July 1.

Borough council has entered into an agreement with the Southern Chester County Regional Police Department for full-time police coverage. The 18-month, $90,000 per year contract will give residents additional police protection.

For the past 20 years, Avondale got its police services from Parkesburg Police Department, which is just over 11 miles away, and it did not provide around-the-clock coverage.

“We provided a good service for a long time,” said Brian Sheller, Parkesburg police chief. “This has nothing to do with police service. They (Avondale) were provided with a deal they couldn’t refuse. I wish the residents of Avondale all the best.”

Sheller said no police officers will be terminated as a result of the move. Parkesburg Police Department still contracts with Highland Township for police service.

“This is a good fit and it will be good for Avondale Borough,” said Jerry Simpson, chief of the Southern Chester County Regional Police Department, who will be heading up operations. “Our personnel levels are in good shape to take on this challenge. We have been preparing for this.”

Simpson said he hired a new police officer this week to help with staffing levels.

“This will be a seamless transition,” Simpson said. “Officers will be getting out there to know the town. Our communities share similar traffic, crime, and quality of life challenges. The Southern Chester County Regional Police Department is uniquely positioned, both in proximity and as a proactive community-oriented public safety service that is available to bring solutions to the challenges we face here in Southern Chester County.”

A Town Hall meeting has been set for June 4 at 8 p.m. at the Avondale Fire Company, 23 Firehouse Way, Avondale for residents and business owners of all communities serviced by the Southern Chester County Regional Police Department.

Simpson said savings are realized by combining resources for a regional police department.

“Our business model is such that we are efficient,” Simpson said. “We believe we can handle the issues coming out of Avondale borough for that price point.”

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