Everyone soldiers on during the diabolical summer

Caryl Huffaker

The free walking Tour sponsored by the Chester County Historical Society on Thursday, Aug. 2, at Chester Springs. A home base for an Art Colony since the early 1900s, it is the site of an art show in the Country School. The French Impressionist movement had a big impact on the early school, and the art school continues with their exhibition for the tour. For information or reservations call 1-877-442-2476,

Mozart Concert Called 'Summer Sings' the Mary Green Singers will be performing Grand Mass in C minor by Mozart on Tuesday, July 31 at the beautiful Middletown Presbyterian Church in Media at 273 S. Old Middletown Road. This piece, written for his new wife, was performed first in 1783 in Salzburg. Soloists are Judy Quenzel, Jennifer Cole, John Banionis and Peter Lerro.

This is a great opportunity to see how a top chorus rehearses and builds for a performance. The group will rehearse from7:30 to 8:45 p.m., take a break, and then 'perform from 9 to 10 p.m.

Myrick The jazz players with African rhythms in Kombu Combo will perform at the Myrick Center on July 26. Next Thursday, Aug. 2,singer/songwriter Nancy Mucala and The Calabrese Sisters of Kennett will treat us to some of their original songs. The concerts are at 7:30 p.m. at the Brandywine Valley Myrick Center on Route 842, three miles east of Unionville. Do bring a blanket or a lawn chair.

Lima beans I am exceedingly fond of Lima beans and butter beans, which I always thought were small lima beans. I have been told rather positively that I am confused and that the large beans are butter beans. I really don't know but I like them both.

Recently I had house guests that I took to the Dienners Country Restaurant in Ronks. At this Amish restaurant all the food was superb, but the lima beans were so fabulous they were like ambrosia for the gods. Forget the meats and all the other veggies, I gorged on lima beans. I asked one of the ladies how they made them and she promptly gave me the recipe, but it was to make 15 quarts.

I tried an attempt at home in making them, and I thought I had come close. I left them with my guest, asking her to put them in the oven. At dinner they didn't taste anything like what I had fixed. My guest then fessed up that she had thought them too sweet so she had added chopped onions. I find this peculiar behavior, but on the other hand, she must have been feeling very much at home.

Tickets In the middle of a heat wave it is hard to get enthusiastic about the plays to be given for the winter series.However, they have lined up some terrific shows, and if you want the good seats, now is the time to buy. Tickets can be purchased on line at www.DuPontTheatre.com., at the box office or by phone at 1-800-338-0881 or 302-656-4401.

The shows will be 'Elvis Lives – Oct. 2 trough 7; 'Anything Goes' –Oct. 30 through Nov.4; 'Shrek' –Dec.4 through 9; 'Flashdance' –Jan. 29 through Feb. 3; 'Dream Girls –April. 2 through 7; and 'Memphis' –April. 30 through May 5.

'Dolly' Suddenly it's time for the Brandywiners to strut their stuff, which they will do this weekend and next. They are pulling out all the stops with a lavish production for this musical that won 10 Tony Wards. Those familiar with the show will be surprised to see the modern touch Director Cal Brackin has given the show. He has added a strong touch of feminism by having the suffragettes demanding respect and equal rights. What an idea! The show is being given July 26 through 28 and Aug. 2 through 4. For tickets call 800-338-6965.

Park The philosopher/singer/songwriter JD Malone will bring his songs of angels and demons, love and loss to the Aug. 1 concert at the Anson B. Nixon Park. This multi award winning singer has performed with many of the top stars. He has been compared to Bruce Springsteen. Supper will be provided by El Ranchero Mexican Restaurant. The free concert starts at 7 p.m. Bring a blanket or a chair.

Theatre N 'Hysteria' - This is a comedy about the Victorian mind set of doctors who were treating women diagnosed with hysteria with pelvic messages. They became so tired they invented the vibrator.July 27 at 8 p.m., July 8 at 5 p.m. and July 30 at 2 p.m.

'Take This Waltz' - This tale of a marriage falling apart when a third person appears has received very mixed reviews. There are some dizzying action shots but you are apt to leave the heater feeling depressed. July 27 at 2 p.m., July 28 at 2 and 8 p.m. and July 29 at 5 p.m.

'Jurassic Park' –This Stephen Spielberg Science Fiction thriller has a theme park that loses its electricity, causing the cloned dinosaurs to run amok. –Part of the Under the Stars Movie series. July

Kennett Flash Marah (band) July 27 –This band is an American country rock band associated with Philadelphia and Brooklyn. It is known for its intense live performances, classic rock production and associations with some of the top musicians. The two Bielanko brothers have stayed together with a shifting cast of musicians going from the sounds of Red Hot Chili Peppers to Mummers Parade to Britpop sound. Their acclaimed albums 'A Christmas Kind of Town' and 'If you Didn't Laugh, You'd Cry' were fore runners of the successful later albums.

The John Byrne Band – July 28 – This Dublin native has built a wide following with his combination of traditional and modern mix of sound, but never leaving the melodious sounds and themes of Irish tradition. He played at the National Constitution Center for President Bill Clinton and visiting Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Jennifer Evans –July 28 – She will be on stage also bringing her Irish tinged melodies that compliment those of John Byrne.

Jury Duty I was recently called for Jury Duty, the third time while living in Chester County almost fifty years. Several friends told me to call and get out of it as they would let me off because of my age. I said 'No' that I would like to be on a jury. It was my duty I said, feeling terribly square and out of touch. Besides, I added, 'If you were a litigant, wouldn't you want to have a jury composed of educated people?' As it turned out I needed have worried. I called the Court House the night before I was due. I was number 393. They only wanted Juror numbers 1 – 150. The second night I called again. This time they wanted jurors number 151 – 250 and everyone else was excused. To be honest, I was disappointed.

Then I looked at all the perks one would get as a juror. You would get free parking in a garage. And if you were told to go to the Court House you would be paid $9 a day for your services, which is considerably below minimum wage I believe. You would be compensated for your mileage at 17 cents a mile –compensation for businessmen is 55cents. I don't know what era our legislators and bureaucrats are living in, but I bet they don't have per diem and mileage rates like this for themselves. For shame!

Caryl Huffaker lives in Kennett Township.

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