Country singer films music video in Kennett

Courtesy of Dickie Stickhead Dickie Stickhead's new single, "The Turkey Song," had its music video shot in different areas of Kennett Square.

The tradition anymore seems to be once Halloween ends, all the Christmas music begins.

Dickie Stickhead is trying to change all that.

'I really want people to have a Thanksgiving theme and a Thanksgiving song,' Stickhead said. 'I don't think we have one. The ones I looked up aren't fun and upbeat.

'I got on the radio today and heard 'Jingle Bells.' You've got to be kidding me. Christmas needs to be Christmas. I think Thanksgiving has gotten overlooked. They need a Thanksgiving thing and it needs to catch on fire.'

His family-friendly Thanksgiving song, called 'The Turkey Song,' is now available on iTunes for download and he even has a music video for it on YouTube.

The catchy tune has an apparent country feel to it and for anyone who watches the video will recognize many of the places because it was filmed right in Kennett Square.

Some of the scenes were at a farm owned by Rick Farquhar, including the one where he is riding a tractor.

'I was plowing potatoes with this very thing when I was 10 years old,' Stickhead said. 'To shoot there with that old tractor was the most fun – it was a childhood memory for me.'

Songwriters can draw inspiration from just about anywhere, and it was no different for Stickhead, who came up with the lyrics in a dream one night seven years ago after literally running off the road to avoid a flock of turkeys.

'It is so funny because you never believe people when they say that because you think they're just doing drugs,' Stickhead said. 'I don't do drugs and I don't drink. I woke up with that song just going 'gobble, gobble, strut, strut, shake your feathers, shake your butt.''

He never did anything with the song until he was in New York and friend Victoria Mazze – a singer with the band Divine Madness – convinced Stickhead to write it down.

Together, they stayed up all night and brought to life the song this year for others to enjoy and hum throughout the day because, let's face it, it will be stuck in your head after you hear it.

It was no surprise the song has a country feel to it after just one conversation with the energetic singer.

Born in Virginia, he was raised on a farm where they grew tobacco and had cattle. He was given a guitar by his mother at the age of 11.

'My brothers took my flat-bottomed boat on a pig racing contest where you take a pick on a boat,' Stickhead said. 'They flipped it over and destroyed the boat. I cried all day and my mom bought me a guitar. Man, you know I'm a redneck.'

As they always say, the rest is just history.

For the time being, Stickhead is going to just keep things as a one-hit wonder, but he may have to be back by popular demand at the rate this song is going.

'I have no other ambition than to have a one-hit wonder,' he said. 'That's a terrible ambition to have, but let's see how it goes.'

It seems to be going well. After posting the video on YouTube Nov. 5, it already has over 1,000 views and even the popular iHeartRadio is playing the song starting in a week.

'I just got an e-mail today from a school in Lexington, Ky.,' Stickhead said. 'They have their third grade kids doing the turkey dance off the video. I thought it was the cutest thing.'

All Stickhead wants to do is make people smile, whether it's just by meeting him or by listening to his song and with it gaining so much attention, he's just enjoying the ride.

'Literally, I just walked around humming or singing it,' Stickhead said. 'You know what the entertainment business takes. I have not been playing guitar for that many years. I had no idea it would turn out that good.'

You can download the song on iTunes by searching Dickie Stickhead or find the YouTube video at

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